Deacon Sandy Responds

After we posted last night a link to Deacon Sandy's homily of last week in which he disgracefully insulted and put forth for ridicule Pope Benedict, Deacon Sandy tried to remove the video.

He wrote to me this morning and made the following claim about the picture:
"I ask you to understand that I did not in fact know that the image used was Pope Benedict. (I am still not sure it is – I am curious – how do you know it is?) I got the picture from an image library as a result of searching for “fine vestments”. I chose the image because it was cropped and did not reveal who was in the vestments shown."

I am sorry, but this denial in my opinion it strains credulity to the point of breaking and way beyond. The context of the insult and the tittering and laughter of the crowd make it obvious that they all knew as well.

How do I know? Because the Pope and his shoes have been the subject of many articles and have been a favorite cause of derision by progressive Catholics toward Pope Benedict for years. Years.

This was again just highlighted when dozens and dozens of articles compared Pope Francis' black shoes to Pope Benedict's shoes for the purpose of saying that the Pope Emeritus was all about pomp.

In other words, progressives used that same picture in exactly the same way to deride the same man.

I find implausible that Deacon Sandy did not know this or that his intent was anything other than the same. Thus unable to believe Deacon Sandy, I find it even more troubling that he can seemingly prevaricate with such facility.

So rather than admit the obvious, Deacon Sandy would have s believe that he is a complete ignoramus.  Who else wears a white cassock with red shoes Deacon? 

But Deacon Sandy had one more comment for me. He wanted me to know that he is the victim in all this:
I have to share with you Patrick that the instances over the past several weeks have been very painful and hurtful. I wish you and others who read in CMR no ill will and respect the good intent of what you do. I do not ask that you or anyone else agree with me – what is troubling is the dark nature of the commentary, and the accusatory, divisive and judgmental tone.

What do you think?

*subhead*"I am the victim here".*subhead*


  1. Deacon Sandy, again? He must see the light, he is in darkness. He should go to a spiritual retreat of at least 30 years. As the last time, I do not believe in him, sorry.

  2. I agree with you, Patrick. Well said! He is being evasive because he knows he is wrong. The fact that he monitors your blog for the next criticism could be telling enough.

  3. I think the guy is a self-absorbed wanna-be who is way off the mark. Satan has been making deep in-roads into the structure of the Church and people like the good deacon are the "elves" who are assisting in his work. I am a re-vert who still struggles with my faith but guys like him make me feel that, even though it is a struggle, I will never give up my quest. I will die trying, and I hope that is my reward. He is so wrong and the Church is so right. Peace and God bless.

  4. Deacon Sandy is clearly lying. If you search Google images for "fine vestments", what you find for pages on end are beautiful chasubles, the type that I wish MY priest wrote. No shoes to be found anywhere, because these are not normally considered vestments per se. Rather, if you search for "Pope Benedict Prada", you get lots of images if those famous not-so-Prada shoes. In fact, you coincidentally get the very same image that Deacon used for his little demo.

  5. This guy is one of the reasons I don't trust permanent deacons.

  6. Some people think that whatever they do is just fine and that it's the critic who is the issue.

  7. Passive agression. BTW, who was doing the deriding in the slide presentation? Come to think of it, hypocrisy too.

  8. Sorry, maybe "lying" is too dark and harsh of a word to use. I think Deacon Sandy is not loving the truth as much as he could!

  9. What's up with the priests at that parish that they allow this man to run wild and do almost all the work?

  10. Who else wears red shoes? Not buying it.

  11. His defense, if true, is equally as disturbing because it demonstrates disturbing ignorance for a Deacon.

    And I don't think he is that ignorant. Come on Deacon, this defense just doesn't play.

  12. I think it's interesting that so many "progressive" Catholics claim to love John XXIII but dislike Benedict, citing the latter's supposed fondness for opulence. Yet John XXIII wore the elaborate tiara, Benedict refused to do so.

  13. Deacon Sandy: If you're worried about folks that are "accusatory, divisive, and judgmental," you might want to start with your implication that Benedict XVI was only concerned about fancy dress to the exclusion of concern for the poor. That is without merit or excuse.

  14. That's the thing. There are no priests doing the day to day, only "presiding" at Mass. (Seriously that terms just ticks me off. A priest OFFERS the Sacrifice of the Mass. If you think that term is pre-Vatican II-y than at least use "celebrate." "Presiding" is such a passive term, that denotes that the priest isn't doing anything special. Rant over) He is the Pastoral Coordinator (or something) and HE'S the boss.

  15. So on top of everything else, you are a liar Deacon Sandy. Sorry if that is "hurtful." You know what? Mocking Pope Benedict, then insulting our intelligence about it, is kind of "hurtful" too. You honestly need to reevaluate your vocation.

  16. Let's offer a prayer for Deacon Sandy....and for all clergy that forget that they should be Christ for the world

  17. well- I know about 10 'permanent' deacons that are stellar servants of Christ and the Church- Deacon Sandy needs prayer

  18. I have been no friend of CMR (although now reconsidering). I think CMR has been less than kind in its approach to Pope Francis. With that disclaimer out of the way, I think Deacon Sandy is a lying ass. I intend to show the "red shoes" picture to my Elementary Grade Level Catechism Class this evening. My ONLY WORDS will be "Who do you think the person wearing the red shoes is?" I will have them write their answers on slips of paper, fold them, and turn them in. Out of 39 students, I am betting that at least 35 will say "the pope." Perhaps Deacon Sandy should join my class -- I am guessing it will take him no longer than a few months to catch up to Lesson 9 of Baltimore Catechism #1. Of course, he will have to know that the Pope is the head of the Catholic Church on earth; that may take a bit longer for him to grasp.

  19. "Who else wears a white cassock with red shoes Deacon?"

    In fairness, most other 20th century Popes (or at least those alive when color photography existed).

    But it would have to be a Pope, or a very exotic Dominican.

  20. How do we know, Deacon? Because the Pope Benedict's coat of arms is on the sash. It is so obvious, how could you miss it?

  21. Pope Benedict or not (although Claves pointed out the coat of arms) it is clearly a Pope who is being disparaged.

  22. Fredx2:

    I'm afraid we are only deluding ourselves if we think that the Cardinal did not confirm this poor man in his sin. By his words, his voice inflections and, yes, his cowardice, he did indeed give the homosexuals exactly what they wanted to hear.

    Dolan was our Ordinary for a few years here so we know him quite well, sad to say.

  23. He only manifests if you say his name three times....

  24. This Special Little Snowflake can dish it out, but he can't take it.

  25. Other than a married deacon does not take a vow of celibacy (an unmarried deacon does, on the way to priesthood or not), there is no difference in the Rite of Ordination itself.

  26. The real tragedy is that Deacon Sandy at Good Shepherd is just a sampling of one of thousands of deacon/priests who wander the "stage" with overbearing self-worth and 1970s fodder. Each of these "preachers" are flanked by a folk choir equally aggrandizing but unaware that their awkward kitsch is the cause of so many young people leaving the Church who are searching for serious and elegant spirituality.

  27. Thank you, David. I recall when Papa Bene said that.

    I laughed and laughed.

    What a great attitude!

  28. Is it any surprise that his church is nearly empty?
    Maybe more pop bands and big screen TV's will pull 'em in. That'll do it.




    Is applauded



    All the rage.



    Is marauded

    Mother's rape

    Has weakened

    Her gauge.

    But somewhere

    There are

    Fields of clover,

    Hearth fires


    In red

    And cliffs

    Where souls

    Climb over and over

    Still reach

    The hill

    Where Mother's Son bled.

    Merci Marcel!

  30. Permanent deacons are nothing but a useless appendage foisted upon us by VCII. This guy is the worst example, but most of them are crass modernists, with a stiff clericalistic bent.

  31. Any good canonists around who could make the deacon pay for his insults to the pope?

  32. On the complete absurdity of "full communion," search the net for this essay:

    Gnostic Twaddle, by Christopher Ferrara

  33. Oh snap! You just cracked me up!! Haha

  34. Great read. So sad that this is Catholic, but sspx continues to be castigated (most recently by Karl Keating)

  35. Praise God the pews are empty. Perhaps that is because you are lukewarm, therefore God will spew (puke) you out of His mouth!

  36. Sounds like an encounter group. They don't kneel - I wonder if they sit. I stopped watching when he started talking about the ministers recognizing the presence of Christ in the assembly. Before I knew that yoga wasn't ok, that's how the yoga sessions I attended started and ended. I don't know if I will finish watching but I do know I'm glad that isn't my parish. And mocking our dear Papa Benedict is abominable. I agree that this deacon should be prevented from giving homilies until the Bishop reigns him in - as well as the congregation that likes such liturgies.

  37. Just what I thought it would be: Weakland is an embarrassing heretic, therefore SSPX should enjoy full faculties.

    That's along the lines of trying to argue your way out of a traffic ticket because OJ Simpson got away with murder, or that Richard Nixon must be alive because Herod the Great was in even worse shape before he died, which was almost 2000 years before Nixon's death. Yet it is one of the first things to come out of the mouths of SSPX supporters.

    An organization that depends on fallacious support is not an organization worth supporting.

  38. He seems kind of Pharasaical. In effect, he is thumping his chest and saying "Look what a good Christian I am, I am not like that Pope who wears Prada shoes'
    Only the shoes were not Prada at all. They are quite very normal shoes.But Deacon Sandy chose to believe the foul lies that went around when Benedict was first made Pope, that the shoes were Prada when they weren't. Question: why would Sandy believe an easily disprovable lie about the Pope?

  39. Puts Obama and God on the same level.

  40. I am fairly certain that the good Cardinal is saying "oops" about that comment. It is Lent, after all, and who hasn't made an embarrassing mistake yet?

  41. To be fair- watch the interview. Cardinal Dolan was clearly bamboozled by the question. His only error was when the interviewer served the bait, he took it hook, line and sinker.

    I guess if you know your Faith and have half a brain, you wouldn't read much into this MSM interview.

    Don't take the daggers out on the Cardinal. It's not Christ-like.


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