Disgusting. Alabama Pol Says 99% of White Pro-Lifers Would Abort Black Grandchild

In a debate on the House floor of the Alabama State legislature over a fetal heartbeat bill (which passed), Representative Alvin Holmes, who has a history of saying stupid and crazy things, said that 99% of whites in the AL legislature would make their daughters have an abortion if the father were black.

Asked for an apology, Holmes doubled down in an interview and said that he believed it to be true because most whites are against interracial marriage. Ironically, this is the same guy who called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom."

Here's Alvin Holmes on beer, which he seems to like very much.



  1. The crazy thing is, *if* his horrible claim were true, wouldn't that actually be an argument in favor of the ban he opposes, since it would protect more (half-)black babies from being aborted at the command of eeeevil, racist, white men? The whole thing is not just offensive on the face of it, it's also an offence against logic.

  2. Michael, from a politician you want logic? Look again. None to be found inside the Beltway. Nor, I suspect, in most state capitals.

  3. He can't be talking about me and my family.

    Lemme' educate alvin.

    Having a multiethnic family, I find alvin's erroneous commentary insulting. I am offended!

    Just goes to show that alvin has the brain pan of a chipmunk!

  4. What a perverse mind!

  5. Wow it looks like Holmes has morphed into MIss Cleo in his old age. Holmes just KNOWS what 99% of white pro-lifers would do.

    This simply demonstrates that if a miserable and hateful person has attended institutes of higher learning and has earned several degrees, then they are miserable, hateful, and well-educated. Regardless of having served this country in the military.


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