Don't Talk with Your Mouth Full

Just overheard from the kitchen.

The 14 year old girl (in a disgusted tone) to her 8 year old little brother: "Ewwww. Don't talk with your mouth full."

The boy: "My mouth isn't full. It's only half full."



  1. There is nothing wrong with this video! Very informative and well done! Clears up a lot of the misconceptions out there! I think it provides a responsible and truthful explanation of this lifestyle in a age appropriate manor. With my kids I would rather them get the facts rather than them get hurt by false information..

  2. Distinctions are important! He'd make a good defence lawyer.

  3. Joining in the fun!
    Two yr old granddaughter has a mouth full of fresh baked sour dough bread. She can hardly move her mouth.
    Awe, sooo cute!


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