Hans Küng Is So Not Helping

Hans Küng is so not helping. Here are some excerpts from an interview he gave to Südwest Presse, Küng says that Pope Fracis is awesome sauce and that the Pope has set the Church on a path to a progressive utopia.

 Translation and quotes via Eponymous Flower.
Tübingen) In an interview with the Südwestpresse, the heretical Swiss theologian Hans Küng is thrilled by Pope Francis. "He has already achieved some things that can no longer be withdrawn," Küng is convinced. "It can not even be foreseen what the changes already initiated mean."
Even for Hans Küng there seems to be doubt as to what course is actually being pursued by the Argentine Pope. He has "joy" about the new Pope, but this is not detrimental. Although "not yet decided upon which course he will really strike out upon" but "to think that he was not a reformer, would be to close our eyes to the facts." The fact that Francis is a reformer, Küng is points directly to form. Rightly, he notes, "There is control over the content. But if a Pope greets the people with "buona sera", that is a signal. "
In terms of remarried divorcees Küng is convinced that Francis has pursued "a great strategy." "First of all he surveyed the group of eight cardinals, then the whole College of Cardinals. In the fall there will eventually be a synod on the family. Of course, every step is a risk. But if Francis has the College of Cardinals behind him, he is no longer alone. He lays total emphasis on collegiality. "Küng is convinced that "the admission of remarried divorcees to the sacraments" will be implemented, most of all desires of the Progressive reform. "There he is performing the mercy of which he so often speaks, and putting it into practice." On the question of how large "is resistance within the Church to reform" Küng replied. "This is not easy to judge because there are hardliners in Curia and Church. There are also among the laity resistance groups such as the conservative Catholic forum. But this Pope has amazingly managed to win over many people of all stripes in virtually no time for himself and his course."
Don't forget women's ordination.  Can't have a progressive utopia without that.
Küng stresses himself to be for women priests, but he sees its introduction as "more difficult" than the "overcoming of celibacy." For Küng, "women's ordination" affirms the "justified appreciation" that Jesus "gave to women." The Swiss theologian notes at the same time, however, that the question "controversial". The "pastoral need of communities" considering the shortage of priests might "force" its introduction.

I suspect Küng will be surprised and saddened during his lifetime and certain he will be after it.

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  1. I'm not so sure, Pat. I'm not so sure.

  2. " For Küng, "women's ordination" affirms the "justified appreciation" that Jesus "gave to women."

    Jesus does the will of His Father in heaven, always. If God wanted a person to become a priest and called that person to a vocation to the ordained priesthood, that person, God would have created as a Man.
    Second guessing God as to another person's vocation or as to how Christ instituted the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist "in persona Christi" is called heresy, a half-truth. One half is true, the other half militates against the church.

  3. "I suspect Küng will be surprised and saddened during his lifetime and certain he will be after it."

    So do you:

    1) Claim to know the eternal fate of another soul


    2) Think that a soul entering heaven will be disappointed in any way?

  4. I think he is helping just fine. Let these folks overplay their hands. It's a great way to flush them out.

  5. I'm afraid my first thought was "Oh, is Kung still alive?"...

  6. I really don't think the Holy Father is going to come right out and change doctrine regarding the sexual teachings. Most likely we'll see a development along the lines of the Catechism's teaching on masturbation which states the following:

    "To form an equitable judgment about the subjects' moral responsibility and to guide pastoral action, one must take into account the affective immaturity, force of acquired habit, conditions of anxiety or other psychological or social factors that lessen, if not even reduce to a minimum, moral culpability."

    I don't like it but that's my prediction.

  7. The pope has no authority to change any Catholic doctrine. If he tries to he will enter into formal heresy and, under canon law, no longer be pope.

  8. I think Kung will just get happier and happier with this Pope, unless he decides to go through with his suicide.

  9. Let's hope he doesn't. Hell is hotter than Küng thinks it is.

  10. Someone please explain...if people don't accept the teachings of the Church, then why be Catholic? I fall short in many ways to the True Teachings of the Church. But I have no desire to change any teachings. Why not move to understand the teachings rather than simply condone the actions falling short of Christ's ideal? It's as if they just don't get it. But rather than understand, they want to change reality.

    Let me restate this. I teach chemistry. Go look at the periodic table. Everyone gets a few of the elements wrong, or can't remember the electronic structure, number of protons, etc. But I stress correcting errors and trying again. Reinforcing the facts and concepts so students can learn, understand and apply. If I were to proclaim Hydrogen and helium were the same simply because they are H and He, in the name of equality, I wouldn't learn. It would be like denying the Hindenburg should stop using hydrogen. That stuff explodes. Add one proton and nothing happens. It's kind of important these things.

  11. Thank you, Proteios You have given me a reason to stop banging my head on the table. This stuff isn;t hard when you get feelings out of the way and use the brain which the Lord of the Universe created in us.How we feel is of course important but without reason its just the same as saying, I have an opinion, but absolutely no evidence to support my premise.ugh... God love you!

  12. The source of almost all the heresies of the world is German Church. Sorry to say that but it's a historical fact.


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