Nun Wows on Italy's "The Voice"

“I came here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift. I am here to evangelize.”



  1. I wish we had a translation of the discussion of the judges. My favorite part is that she is wearing such '' nunny '' shoes! And rocks it out in them exceedingly well!!

  2. She certainly rocks it. The question is: what is she doing in a convent?

  3. Count the number of first-person pronouns in those two sentences: I, I, I, I.
    Just countin'.

  4. Looks like they have evangelised the nun, sadly. This will not bring anyone to the true Faith but rather will confirm people in the sinful lifestyles that the pop and tv industry promote.

  5. "That girl is on fire!" with the Holy Spirit!
    Love the back up cheering section too! Can't wait for a papal encore. ;)

  6. Will she still be in the convent a year from now?

  7. I am old enough to remember "The Singing Nun" aDominican nun who appeared on The Ed Sullivan.Show years ago. she wore a traditional long habit and sand folk type songs, seemingly harmless and many said girls would want to become sisters and many would come to the Church.

    Sadly, the nun left the convent... the traditional habits of that order were replaced with street clothes and the rest is history.

    This young Italian sister is singing much more worldly type of music and habit or no, she is in a scary place if she thinks this will evangelize people. if she had civilian clothes on with her gift (self professed) of her singing style and the way she danced on stage, NO SANE PERSON would think she was a nun.
    Emulating today's music and dance must be done very carefully as not to send out the wrong message. There are priests and brothers in the hip-hop vein who evangelize but they are very careful of demeanor when doing so.

    All I know is when I showed the video to ky 19 yr old daughter, she responded, "Mom, this is,INAPPROPRIATE!"

    Just saying.


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