Pro-Life Democrat Exhibit Opens in Cryptozoological Museum

Between the stuffed Sasquatch and the terrifying wax chupacabra is an exhibit at the CMR Museum featuring an even more rarely sighted creature - the pro-life Democrat. While there have been a great many supposed sightings of the being, none have turned out to be true in recent decades. Some cryptozoologists suspect that the pro-life Democrat might be extinct and relegated to the stuff of legend.

Reminding some of the incident where a squatch hunter falsely claimed to have caught a bigfoot, the people of West Virginia believed they had elected a pro-life Democrat but sadly it turned out that it wasn't an actual pro-life Democrat. It was just a Democrat who needed pro-life votes.

Sadly, West Virginians found out the hard way.

West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed a bill this weekend that had passed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities in both houses of the state legislature to prohibit abortions after twenty-weeks, when the child in the womb can feel pain.

I do not know Governor Tomblin, so I cannot comment one way or another on his honesty or good faith. But if he is being truthful about his pro-life convictions, I am puzzled as well as disappointed by his decision to veto a piece of legislation that would have protected unborn babies from being killed by abortion after twenty-weeks. He says that he was advised by lawyers that the bill was unconstitutional and by medical professionals that it was a threat to women’s health. But only lawyers and medical professionals who were already committed to the radical pro-late-term abortion ideology the Governor claims to reject would have made such claims. So the question naturally arises: Is the Governor hiding behind bad “advice” that he deliberately procured to provide cover for a veto that serves no interest other than those of the powerful abortion industry and its lobby?
I think we have greater chance of finding the squatch than an actually elected pro-life Democrat.



  1. Of course there can't be prolife democrats... They are all freethinking in lockstep with the mind control hive that they are part of. Much like the borg they can not think or are not allowed to think for themselves.

  2. It's an old joke with me. Of course there are pro-life Democrats: and every election cycle they wheel them in on dollys like Hannibal Lecter in front of television cameras, take their masks off long enough for them to say, "We're pro-life Democrats", at which point they are wheeled back to their cells, told to shut up, and not heard from again for another four years.

    On the other hand, I'll believe there are pro-life Republicans when they get someone other than a default "Three Exceptions" Republican elected. Hint: Not the Rombot, not Jeb.

  3. And I have to wait until I calm down before I can safely write our dear governor. Otherwise I will say things that would require going to confession afterward.


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