So When Can We Start with the Nazi Analogies Again?

OK, now that a hospital has been found to be using aborted babies as material to heat the hospital, is it OK yet to invoke the much maligned Nazi analogy?

I know. I know. Any analogy to Nazis is outrageously hyperbolic and ridiculous. But can you just think about this for a second? A hospital was using aborted babies to heat their building. Just thinking about it shrivels my soul.

The number of aborted children since Roe is up to about 55 million (I think I'm rounding down but hey what's a few million babies, right?) so when is the Nazi analogy allowed again? I'm looking for a number.

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  1. How sad that England, the rest of Britain, and the British Empire fought the Nazis when the rest of the world was holding back, and now England commits the same moral obscenities practiced by Nazism.

  2. Lust is a worse tyrant than Hitler.

  3. Yes, that is a fair and equitable analogy!
    How about this? The nazi mentallity was never "scubbed" away from the modern progressive consciousness. Does anyone notice how dogmatic and inflexible progressives are in their thinking? Like Nazis, when they want people "dead", come hell or high water, they'll do anything to make it happen! And anything else is "always" more important than people or the individual person. In their calculation, its the "human" that always comes out as the loser, at the bottom, taking the hit.
    To those suffering modern progressive-nazi derangement syndrome, millions and millions and millions "murdered" are just considered meaningless, empty numbers. In reality, those are numbers you can't just mentally "scrub" away no matter how much rhetorical soap you use!

  4. Well there is the problem that the main backer of abortion (planned parenthood) grew out of the eugenics movement which was openly pro nazi and pro Hitler.... it is really the same group not just kind of the same....

  5. Marie Stopes was also part of the Nazi eugenicists. So this part of the Nazi ideology not only survived but grew and became accepted and practised by almost all the states of the world.

  6. In rememberence, the prophetic predictions for the modern age, "Humanae Vitae" has come true.
    The tragically sorrowful part, was that it was right before us, all along. It wasn't like, we weren't "warned".

  7. Hitler adopted the U.S'. eugenics policy. Analogies are unnecessary. Margaret Sanger's "human weeds" and "useless eaters"


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