The Love Is In The Rules

Over at the Register, I discuss my own faith journey and why I think that when teaching your children about the faith, you start with the rules.

As always, I appreciate your support over there.

*subhead*First how, then why.*subhead*


  1. I continue to be surprised at how many practicing Catholics have never heard of the "CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition" - even though Popes JPII, Benedict and Francis have all asked us to study it.

    These requests of our Popes in most cases never seem to be passed on to the literate from Diocese Bishops or Parish Priests.
    The CCC contains the entire 'Doctrine of the Faith' in one book in concise, easy to read language.

    For quotes from our Popes - "What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE"
    Reading a Catholic Bible and the CCC at home - is the answer to knowledge of our Faith.

  2. I searched for "fine vestments" and did NOT find this picture. Then I searched for Pope Benedict red shoes and found the exact picture Deacon Sandy used in his presentation.

  3. Even Paul VI wore red shoes, so have all the popes since the earliest centuries. I wish Francis would humble himself to wear the red shoes, considering their symbolism.


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