Video Proof that Libs are Becoming More Tolerant of God

Sunday night, actor Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for best actor. When he thanks God, the crowd pretty much sat on their hands. You hear a smattering of applause but that it.

But while I mocked this a little yesterday, I now think this is evidence that liberals are becoming more tolerant of God. Hey, in 2012, the left booed God.
You see, it's all how you look at it. This is an improvement, right?



  1. Aahhh, ehrr, uuhhmmm, maybe....,

    They are just layin' low right now, because their politics have been proven worthless!
    They are still adversarial, they just don't say it. Some are learning to keep their mouth shut, for now, especially in hollywood! Big productions that should have been money makers bombed at the box office, like big time!
    Guilt by association is keeping them quiet. Its a money thing.

    There is power in subtle, or passive activism. When it comes to money, they do get it. And it is all about the power and influence of money.


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