Wow Vid: 39 Year Old Woman Hears for the First Time

We've seen videos like this before but there's a shortage of beauty in the world. And who can tire of watching a miracle, even if it's the second or third one you've seen. The look on this woman's face is wonderful.

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  1. Sorry my writting did not measure up to your standards. If that is your measure of the truth then you would reject parts of the new testament; since they are poorly written.
    I did not say "since everyone sins, no one should be denied communion". I said everyone that repents of their sins should be allowed to remain in the Church.

  2. You did not overcome my argument and since my argument is based on scripture. There is not one word in the bible that tells up that to remain married to the second wife is a continual sin. If you will read the OT story of David and his wife obtained by murder; you will find that they remained married, but there was punishment and David remained King. Jesus tells us that any believer in Jesus is greater than any believer in the OT.
    If a believer has an abortion can the believer be forgiven? The child is not brought back to earthly life and is continually dead, even though the act of killing the child was a one time event. The child is dead, every day of the rest of the life of the actor; should the actor be removed from the Church, for the rest of their life? That would be the same logic as the remarriage argument.

  3. You could have written perfectly clearly and it wouldn't have negated the fact that you blathered on in an attempt to make an unjustifiable theological point. I can see in your other response that you have your own unique interpretation of the Bible, so I'm just ignore anything else you might have to say, which frankly I should have done originally.

  4. How long have you been living a life where you just call people names and never actually debate? By the bible, can you refute what I said? Once people build up a false wall to surround themselves with, it becomes very hard to reach beyond the wall if the new information is outside their wall.

  5. Wise indeed! Let's hope Kasper's been a relatively gentle rebuke, if what you write is true.

    Bravo on this!

    I pray the Holy Father does not let the Church get watered down.


  7. There is no issue about people repenting of their sins being allowed to remain in the Church!

  8. Exactly. No one here has said a thing about denying Communion to the contrite. But a remarried individual who remains unmarried is clearly not contrite. This seems to be a distinction that is glossed over by many.

  9. A) I didn't call you any names, so your first statement is thereby false.

    B) Ah yes, I recall now the full passage from Matthew 19:

    9 And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality,and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.

    10 On the other hand, if you feel real bad about it later, no big whoop.

  10. I thought the "innocent as a dove" referred more to the motivation of the person i.e one could be "wise" in action or belief (nb.. love of wisdom is both the meaning of pure philosophy and a gift of the HolySpirit ) while "innocent' means that those same beliefs/actions were determined by the highest of motives, out of a desire for their beneficial impact as possible, inc. those to which it is directed. One's actions can be wise and yet at the same time entirely motivated to bring about their benefit for example, create the impression that I am a good person, deserving other's respect and support as for instance someone could use in order to get elected or improve their chances of a return favour.

  11. I agree with Hilary as far as Francis not wanting to be perceived as the so called bad guy or archconservative, but you see this is a problem. The Pope Emeritus spoke the painful truth on all occasions and did not care about any and I mean any human respect. The only person whose respect he cared about was God as he had made clear many times.

  12. Is the bible irrational? Jesus said "open your heart, not your mind". The Holy Spirit guides us, not man's wisdom. Jesus never used the word "irrational", but millions of modern men and women use it to "refute" Christianity.

  13. "Let your 'Yes' mean 'Yes' and your 'No' mean 'No.' Everything else is from the evil one"

    We do not need political double speak in this crisis. We need clarity and a clarion call to truth. No uncertain sounding trumpets, thank you very much.

  14. Thank you for your story.

    You might be interested in the fact that some of us are working to have the Church instruct a marital abandoner of his or her obligation to reconcile the marriage and restore common conjugal life --- long before any second so-called marriage occurs.

    An updated Vindicate Rights Petition is available from catalogue LINK wherein the petition to the Bishop is now split into parts:

    Separation Decree
    Initiate Process to Inflict Penalty
    Repair Material / Financial Damages
    Prevent Sacrilege and Scandal

    Request For Suspension Or Simultaneous Adjudication, Response To Accused-Spouse’s Filing For Decree Of Invalidity

    A multi-sectioned word.doc available as free download. The Petition to Bishop is 5th section

    Instructions (6 pages)
    General Facts and Circumstances That Will Prove the Allegations (6 pages)
    Wife’s Cover Letter to Bishop for Petition (5 pages)
    Husband’s Cover Letter to Bishop for Petition (5 pages)
    Petition to Bishop to Pursue Reconciliation, Separation, Penal Process, Denial of Holy Communion (5 pages)
    Historical Background of the Rights on Which the Petitioner Bases the Case (10 pages)

  15. Nothing in the Catholic Faith is irrational. Fides et Ratio.

  16. Randall,
    This is not forum on Protestant apostasy. You should take your non-sequiturs elsewhere.

  17. How do you think the Catholic Church should teach the truth to protestants if they can't talk to them. If you can't defend the Catholic Faith, what does that say about you? I can defend the Catholic Faith better than most Catholics, but the Catholic Church is not perfect and the imperfect part is the part added by man.

  18. God is perfect truth (and perfectly rational), but I was not speaking of God but of man and his "rational" thought, which is not very rational for most men.

  19. One defends it by objective right reason which is available to all men.


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