Can We Close Down The Fast Track?

So the Church and the world have two more saints.

I wrote two weeks ago about the infallibility of canonizations and we can rest assured of the infallibility that Popes John Paul II and John XXII are in heaven.

Of course, there are lots and lots of people in Heaven who will never be nor considered for canonization by the Church. The reason why is that only few saints live lives of public significance and of such heroic virtue that they will be put forth by the Church as clear models to be emulated.

Whom the Church chooses to put through this process, the reasons why, and the process itself are all fallible prudential decisions made by people of the Church.

Establishing heroic virtue and and putting people forth as persons to be emulated is tricky business. It is tricky because at the end of the day, these people are people and during their earthly sojourns, they undoubtedly made mistakes...

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  1. I disagree on this one. Now that the system is broken, I want it to continue for pure entertainment purposes.

  2. Agreed. It's tough to discern sainthood when ultimately as humans err. Meanwhile, so many nameless martyrs, supplied by dictatorial governments and hate filled muslims, who die refusing to deny Christ. There is more certainty on their sainthood, but less on who they are as unknown people. Pray for them too.
    A martyr dies for his or her beliefs, but doesn't murder for them.

  3. Ramble on, oh incoherent one. Oh, don't answer the question, just babble on about any subject that makes you mad. Argument = lost.

  4. Of course not. Ever hear of the first amendment to the constitution? And I don't think your satire would "confuse the public".

  5. And what do you mean by "come after"? And you are correct. There were quite a few homosexual priests who preyed on teenaged boys. But, unlike most public school districts in the US, the RCC has taken affirmative steps in correcting this abhorrent behavior. There were 10,000 cases of homosexual abuse against minors in the RCC that spanned 40 years. This is about the same number of complaints against teachers having sex with their students every year. Just last week, a middle school teacher was fired for doing a lap dance for a 6th grade school boy.

  6. The difference being that child-raping priests pretended to have the moral high ground, and their superiors did *nothing* for decades. If the "number of complaints against teachers" is what you said it is (citation needed, please), administrators would immediately report it to police and fire the teacher, not send them to a different school. Also, just so you know, "having sex" is quite different from "forcible rape".

    Apples and oranges, there, Bill Donahue.

  7. So naacp advances itself by "killing" its children! And a progressive judge defends it by shutting down first amendment speech of a christian that thinks it ghastly!
    Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense to me?
    Then someone to deflect and evade this great wrong, uses this as a cheap opportunity. Decides to vent their prejudice and bigotry by bashing christians! By throwing into the mix, that the church has deviant, predatory peodophiles masquerading as priests to get at children. Like, were not scandalized, victimized, horrified, offended or insulted that such monsters would undermine and betray our trust!
    The logic is stunning. The issue is the naacp promotiing dead "black" children, by those who are supposed to love and care for them! Then a judge suppressing free speech! Absolutely stunning!
    Seems some people have an inconvenient objection to truth. And its not faithful christians!
    By the way judge, Your "wrong! And "I "won't" shut up!



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