Churches Kicked Out of Public Schools

Whenever two or more are gathered in His name, it better not be in a public school.

A federal appeals court has decreed that New York City churches are prohibited from meeting in public school buildings because of the separation of Church and state...or something.

That decision overturns a lower court ruling.

The case dates all the way back to 1995, when a small church in the Bronx attempted to rent space in a public school as is done quite frequently by many groups. But the Board of Education denied the request.

The list of government enforced "Thou Shalt Nots" for Christians grows ever longer. Thou shalt not resist government mandates that require you to pay for abortifacients. Thou shalt not refuse to take part in a marriage ceremony. And now thou shalt not use public buildings.

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  1. Every public place and building is owned in joint and common tenancy by each and every tax paying citizen. If a citizen who has paid his taxes wishes to rent the building, the court cannot refuse because he has paid his taxes... and he is a citizen. That his rental is for his church use is not essential otherwise it is denied because of his religion, which is discrimination.

  2. "He who is not with Me is against Me" thus saith the Lord of LIfe. Public schools are now institutions run by people who are self serving and promote a statist agenda. And this agenda is anti-Christian, therefore is anti-Christ . Send your child to a public school if you must, but know where you are sending him. My wife and I chose not to and the sacrifices we made we would make a thousand times again."

  3. Seem pretty cut and dry, doesn't it?

  4. Yes, but YOU are the people. A public school is in YOUR trust. And you don't vote. By your passivity, you allow this sort of thing to happen.

  5. God is not a criminal. The exercise of freedom of religion is not a crime, not in private nor in the public square. The First Amendment cannot be banned from the public square. Freedom may never be prohibited to the private person who constitutes the government with his freedom. The Constitutional First Amendment has not been banned from the public square. God is not unconstitutional, nor is prayer, nor is the free man’s conscience.

  6. Actually, "Guest" has it correct as given from the actual Plan B website.

  7. So we should trust a remarks on a manufacturers' website over a scientific study? Do you do that for all medication? Health aids? etc?

    There are several links to detailed academic papers on the functioning of Plan B on the website I linked to. Did you even read those?

    These responses are perfect examples of how scientific illiteracy among Christians only prove the stereotype in the cartoon right. It is a scandal.


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