Farewell Kathleen Sebelius

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning. The damage she's done will outlive her tenure at the White House.

Much of the media attention is focused on whether she was forced out for the website failures. I couldn't care less about that. That's just blogger gossip.

Sebelius radical commitment to abortion and her absolute neglect conscientious objections have worsened this country. She was particularly corrupt member of the administration. But you want to know the really scary part? Her staying, her leaving doesn't actually matter.

Her pushing the HHS Mandate on religious institutions has been a unique and dark effort in our country's history. But in the end there's nothing unique about her. Her replacement, I'd imagine, will do or say little different from her. That's the true horror. Kathleen Sebelius is not uniquely awful. For a short while she was a banner holder for the culture of death. Without her, it marches on.

And marches.

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  1. I can almost hear her say, "Nya ha ha" like Dishonest John on the old Beany and Cecil show!

  2. We have to remember it was an easy victory for her and Obama over the church. Cardinal Dolan in NY was already paying for abortions through the Archdiocese insurance program before she came up with the contraception mandate.....she won before she started.

    I'm sure Dolan will give her a "BRAVO" as she rides off into the sunset.

  3. But yet in regards to who believe more deeply in what they are offering our nation Clinton is a stronger more courageous advocate that the Bishops......I'm sure if the left had a cannon 915 they would use it daily.

    Yet is is the bishops who cower at the feet of the pro-abortion politicians and say "BRAVO" to the culture of sodomy.

  4. Doesn't the Bible refer to Jesus as "the bridegroom" many times? Isn't it fair to say Jesus is married to his bride, the Holy Catholic Church? Maybe there is a teaching moment in this. At least, wouldn't it be fun to again shock the media by point out things they could have easily googled in 2 minutes?

  5. The Times of Indian story points out in the second paragraph that the phrase they're translating as "my wife" is the same one commonly used when reffering to the Church as the Bride and Christ as the Bridegroom.
    (Yes, I use the Times of India. They're a bit odd, but they give a lot of quotes that somehow get left out of, oh, the New York Times.)

    One of the guys who says it's a fake is holding to that because the grammar is horrible and all of the stuff is from other gnostic gospels. (Can't remember which.)

  6. One thing that always comes to mind when I realize how both political parties have F'd up this country is how little they understand about the job they are asked to do. As a trained scientist, I am agast that I am expected to understand research budget accounting and indexing, interpersonal management (a toughy for us lab rats), fund-raising, politicing, commiittee assignments for a myriad of things, IP policy development...you name it. I fear we ask people who are 'popular' rather than skilled and then act suprised when they have no clue how to operate within the confines setup for them. Representative democracy is fun and communism is the short path to despotism, but at some point people should do the job they are good at. Something I havent seen for either the Bush or Obama adminsitration.

  7. From all sides...
    atheists take the approach you mention. A group defining themselves by what they dont believe, must constantly reinforce the fact. My greater fear are the wolves already within the gates.

  8. "Her staying, her leaving doesn't actually matter." And that's the problem.

  9. Interesting, Foxfier, that we have to go to foreign sources for actual news so often these days, isn't it?

    I was wondering where they were this year, too. Generally some magazine has a "Look! Look! It's all a fraud!" glossy cover article out before this.

  10. It's "funny" indeed. But we are to avert our eyes to the fact that has is a much later date ascribed to it. Authenticity is secondary. Atheist dogma dogma doesn't need the evidence against it. These are just the heirs of the people that gave us the Gnostic "Gospel of Thomas" and other such writings.

  11. Right but it also refers to her as his "disciple." Because as we all know, there are no female disciples in the Bible whatsoever, and all Christians throughout history have denied that women can be disciples.

  12. Had to put on the protective "wade suit" before entering into her toxic mess!
    Fearless leader bet on her because of her mega money of influence from abortion provider groups and how she had managed the art, to regularly circumvent fed, state and local laws when it came to abortionists like tiller and pp. Even when caught in blatant violations!
    Sound familiar? It should.
    She wasn't just a cover manager. There is still an anticipated, undisclosed and undiscussed obamacare outcome.
    And that is..what obamacare really is and what it was intentionally designed to do. Thank God, it is failing!
    We are "not" regulated based as "consumers" of a product model. We actually "are" the product! We are now a transactional "commodity". This is management of the human herd mentality. That is the model they use to promote abortion. In reality, the target audience for abortion only concerns sexually active, menstruating girls and women. Oh boy, what an abortion industry!
    To the gov your body and body parts actually don't really belong to you. They do have a vested stake, value and interest, in you.
    So, her swansong legacy is worse than anyone presently imagines. Hitler, mao, stalin, sanger, gosnell, tiller, sebelius...
    Thank God, she and gov are so inept!

  13. And by the way,
    That "happy eugenist" hilary, just loooves this paradigm! She bases her own progressive program on sangers model!

  14. You are hurting my feelingssssssss! SSSSssssstop it!
    - Gollum / Smeagal

  15. Don't worry it won't be a simple shoe that'll take "smeagol" down. She was MIA for weeks after that stroke! She was hurt worse then stated. What a bunch of cr@p that spin was. Rehab does take awhile. She is more medically fragile then her handlers let on. Its really just a question of getting billy jeff back in the white house. Like, oh boy, here they both come again.
    Maybe they'll return all those moving trailers full of furniture, articles and memorabilia they looted from the white house, last time they were there, huh?

  16. just because it is old doesn't mean that it was accurate. it could have been written by someone who was wrong or had an axe to grind.
    the only true mechanism for authenticating the historicity of jesus is the consistent tradition, in teaching and practise, of the universal church.

  17. She is manifestly a tool of the father of lies. I pray that this vile woman does not EVER receive Holy Communion until she receives the Sacrament of Penance and repents of the evil she has helped unleash in this world.

  18. It must be time to replace all that by now...

  19. Look at the wrinkles... does anyone really want someone that old as prez now?

  20. Leftism ruins everything.

    Also, chastity "increasingly became highly valued"? Has she read the Hebrew scriptures? It was already as highly valued as it could be when Christ came.

  21. I seriously hope that when she gets back to Kansas, Sebelius will be arrested and tried for her crimes, including not only violations of the state's abortion law, but her administration's attempt to block the investigation of Planned Parenthood by then State Attorney General Phill Kline, and cover up the evidence of PP's illegal actions. Surely in the best of all possible worlds, Sebelius would perjure herself on the stand, and get extra time (I'm sure she could do this easily), but also she'd offend the judge and get contempt of court added as well. And may all this jail time give her time to think and repent.

    It'll never happen though, not with the world as it is. Just as well, since vindictiveness is a sin. I pray all the same that she will repent.

  22. Thank You, Lori!
    I most certainly agree! Absolutely scandalous!
    I lived in KCK during the 80's. Workef at Know the state well.
    Sebilius has long enjoyed the protection and cover from some of the wealthiest pro abortion people in the country, out of Johnson County, KS! She is the bought and sold "happy face" of the venture capitalist abortion industry. Big money is invested in "everything"! Follow the money trail to every progressive democrat, in every major city across the good ole' US of A. This is not "chump" change!

  23. Blood money. . . . Everything I read about the abortion industry is so chilling in its evil? When are people going to wake up?!!


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