"Heaven is for Real" Comes out Today

This is one of those movies that intrigues me. But I can't trust the reviews. The movie comes out today. Anyone know anything, let me know. I like Greg Kinnear as an actor. The movie looks decent.



  1. The kid says there are a lot of animals in Heaven, that everyone in Heaven has wings... more than skeptical.

  2. You need to read the book, it's very compelling and is not easily explained. I haven't seen the movie, but the facts laid out in the book gave me goose bumps. Personally, I believe the story.

  3. I suppose if it were true the boy would have met Our Lady and come back as a Catholic, no?

  4. Matt, anyway you can check the combox on the register? It has morfed into a strange debate that one woman seems to be having with herself. For days now. Kindof takes away from the nature of the article

  5. I think it will be a cute movie that will open many a discussion about Catholic doctrine with my kids. We are going to see it on Easter.
    The reviewers will hate it. The Christians will love it.

  6. In the book, the child tells his father, an evangelical pastor, some things that vindicate the Catholic faith. The father is surprised to learn that Jesus retains his precious wounds in heaven, and thus the father begins to understand why Catholics adore the crucifix. Mary is present in heaven, but when the boy describes some figures around an enthroned Jesus, Mary is not there. The child also seems to be in a very mild purgatory (one without pain due to personal sin)--he and the other small children are occupied with "homework"--that is, learning to put on the mind of Christ. FWIW, when God gives people supernatural experiences, he doesn't reveal everything but he simultaneously meets them where they are while challenging/pushing them forward.

    The book has a startling ending. The cutesy stuff ends and the boy tells the father that the apocalypse is coming and that his father will be fighting against the rising tide of demons along with countless other good men.

  7. Another site reports this: Considering the tremendous accuracies of this boy's descriptions of deceased relatives, his documented medical condition, and his understanding of Scripture -- even though he had not read it (he was not quite four years old when he succumbed) -- it's a beautiful confirmation and insight into the Virgin Mary's standing and role in the afterlife.

    "Kneeling before the throne of God and at other times standing beside Jesus.'"

    Now, in Heaven: before the Throne: as she knelt before the Cross at Calvary!

    Standing beside Jesus, as she did to the bitter, excruciating end.

    Who could better define her role? What could more clearly portray her intercession?

    Out of the mouths of babes.

    And from an evangelical (many of whom not only downplay the role of Mary, but often declare her miracles as diabolical)!

    As one blogger reported, after attending one of Colton's book signings, "I then asked him if he happened to meet Jesus' mother. He kind of hesitated, looked at his dad and then said 'umm....I don't really remember if I did or not.' His dad then politely asked for the next person in line. I carry a small finger rosary with me that is about the size of a quarter and can go around your finger. While I was talking to Colton I had it on my left index finger and was spinning it with my thumb. He didn't take any notice of it but his dad did. When I asked about Jesus' mother his dad nervously swallowed and then hurried me on after Colton said he couldn't remember."

  8. Be careful with private revelation. A demon will happily tell nineteen truths to smuggle in an important lie.

    Consider Acts 16:16-17: "As we were going to the place of prayer, we met a slave girl with an oracular spirit, who used to bring a large profit to her owners through her fortune-telling. She began to follow Paul and us, shouting, 'These people are slaves of the Most High God, who proclaim to you _a_ way of salvation.'"

  9. I don't believe it is theologically wrong for there to be animals in heaven. Why wouldn't there be?

    Yes, the boy describes everyone having wings in heaven but he does make a it very clear that there was a difference between humans in heaven and angels--contradicting a popular belief that when loved ones die they become angels.

    I read the book and it was compelling. You can definitely discern a Protestant interpretation of the vision the boy experienced. I believe he really did have a supernatural experience and I believe it was a gift.


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