Maybe the Cutest Baby Commercial Ever

Sherry Antonetti (author, super Mom, and blogger extraordinare) sent me this. It is super cute. I know it's a commercial for water and that has nothing to do with bottled water other than all humans need water to survive. But it's babies. And they're super cute dancing babies.

And let's not forget that Pat hates when I put up baby videos. Come on. I mean, what kind of man hates baby videos? He has five kids. You'd think he'd like babies a little more, right? Maybe this is worth a call to Child Services.



  1. An oldie but a goodie! Did you do something to your brother when you were young that could make him hate baby videos? Perhaps some regression therapy would help him. ;)

  2. I like it and will send to my 40 Days for Life list. As we near the end of our Lenten campaign, we indeed need a smile!

  3. Thank you for your sacrificial and life saving witness.

  4. He may be tortured by Cute Baby Video Syndrome (CBVS). It can haunt anyone! Especially with all the public diaper/potty emergenies you both have dealt with in the past. His affectation is just a little different.
    Cut him some slack ;) A little "sensitivity" (puppies and kittens) training might be in order.

  5. Did you take a gander at their spider-man version?


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