Recently Discovered Vid: Margaret Sanger Calls for "No More Babies"

No More babies. Sheesh, you'd almost think the founder of the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood didn't like babies or something.

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  1. How do you like the way Sanger bullies calling her opinion "intelligent" and "no more babies" intelligent. God must have made Sanger "special". "Now, ain't that special." from SNL

  2. What exactly was Margaret Sanger an expert at?

  3. Hey maggie!,
    Setting the path to human extintion, how did that antisocial, eugenics platform work out for you and the human race! Looks like your vision was really brought home! Do you still have that droll, elitist, cavalier look on your face, now? Where ever you are! Wondering now, if you could maintain that pathetic, callous demeanor witnessing the limbs of another, living human being, being systematically dismembered and ripped apart, then suctioned into a jar with descernable, mangled body parts kept for souvenirs!
    Please, don't tell me, this cr@p doesn't put a smile on your face, like hillary, pelosi and wasserman-schulz! They just love this stuff, too! Really eat it up! Probably are having the latest slaughter viewing party, right now, eating popcorn and sending out for pizza!
    Like "all" your ilk, maggie, there is absolutely no factual, academic or intellectual basis for even considering your premise. It is "not", practical, intelligent, coherent, humane, nor sane! What it is, is a perverse "backward" thinking, emotional, personal preference! Primative, archaic, and vulagar! As well as, biased, prejudiced and "racially" motivated rhetoric. Maggie you were quite the package!
    It was worth the feeling the gross, visceral, miserable nauseation to "out" the abomination! Spiritual warfare, where satan, your hero, takes no prisoners, especially babies. We will remember and pray for all of them, taken against "their" will!

  4. A civil discourse, but aside from her stating an opinion, she certainly didnt burden her listeners with anything intelligent. WHY? is it intelligent to not have babies? Was this the beginning of the left-wing anti-intellectualism which we see so manifest these days?


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