The Loudest Confession

This weekend I went to confession at a parish near my son's soccer game. I am weird that way, I seek out parishes away from home for my confession obligations.

Anyway, I went to a parish. Nice enough looking Church with the standalone wood confessionals.

I picked a pew a few rows up from the confessional at the back of the Church to prepare and wait my turn.

A lady came into the Church and stood right near me but closer to the confessional, clearly not intuiting that I was waiting my turn.

So she is standing maybe 8 feet from me when her cell phone rings. Of course, she answers it. As loud as can be, she says...

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*subhead*BLESS ME FATHER!!!.*subhead*


  1. I'm in grad school - but here I see everyday what you describe: daily mass, lines of confession, students serving altars. We're not in the US though, but that shouldn't be a problem if you're serious about sending kids to college and keeping them catholic! Check out this: University of Navarre, Spain.

  2. "I did what any third grader would have done in this situation. I pressed my fingers to my ears and began to hum."

    OMG, that was hilarious!!


    Of all the happy
    Of all my happy

    Confessions in the
    Were best for
    Cutting strife.

    Upon my head
    A beanie
    Or sometimes
    Chapel veil

    In summer’s heat
    Tar-bubbled street
    I’d run
    Like wind in gale.

    Holy water font
    Into, my fingers dip
    Made the sign of the Cross
    So careful not to drip

    Dark and cool and quiet
    One red rose candle lit
    And in the corners’ cornices
    My soul saw Angels sit.

    For they were there to help me
    Come face to face with self
    With poor man’s free psychologist
    The Priest, behind dark shelf.

    It wasn’t always easy
    But always was absolved
    And light with grace, back to the race
    To live His Word, resolved.

    And at this very moment
    Saturday doors are there, no locks –
    A place of virtual reality
    Sacramental Confessional box!

  3. Oh, dear....

    I knew that some folks who yell into their phones are deaf, but that's about the biggest validation of hearing loss you're going to get.


  4. My only experience with a loud confession occurred when Fr. forgot to turn off his lapel mic before entering the Reconciliation Room. The elderly sacristan could have broken the 4-minute mile at the speed at which she booted it down the aisle to go inform him of his technical difficulty.

  5. I wish more actual practicing Catholics would send their kids to Georgetown and Notre Dame in order to evangelize and reclaim them as truly Catholic!

  6. That's not a test, it is blackmail.

  7. A bit off the subject, but why can't Cardinals and Bishops pull the Catholic "rug" out from underneath places like GT, ND, and BC? Laicize them

  8. It's all the grads from Jesuit colleges that are running America. The "faithful" catholic colleges are small and far between.....the Jesuit network or MAJOR colleges that destroy the faith are running the Catholic show.

    And we are reaping the culture of death because of it.

  9. The location of my regular confession is fairly well known for thin walls. Not the nice wood confessionals of old but more like a hot water heater closet. Heck, for all I know, it was a hot water heater closet at one time.
    So, I always stand about 15 ft away and people get why I'm not standing so close and the line usually forms accordingly.

    There was one occassion where a woman and her son (~8 Y0 or so).
    She went in to confession. I was waiting behind here for my turn. Very shortly after entering, the little boy walked up to stand out side of the confessional door. I was so very aware that he would hear his mothers confession. I cajoled him back to me and he and I chatted quietly while I reminded him his mom needed some privacy with the Fr and she'd be right back. She came out and never knew.... :)


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