There's No Toe Dipping Allowed in the Blood-Filled Pool

You're either with Planned Parenthood or you're against 'em. That's it. You're not allowed to have a toe in. You jump in headfirst or get out.

A Pennsylvania Democrat politician who's pro-abortion didn't receive the endorsement from the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Why?

Well, as the Catholic News Agency reports, the reason why is just plain creepy. It turns out that the pol in question, Margo Davidson, had a cousin who was victimized by serial killer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell. So when the time came to vote on a bill that increased oversight and regulations of abortion clinics in the state in the wake of the Gosnell horrors coming to light, she voted for it.

Bam. It's like she turned rat and now they turn their backs on her. Mind you, she's a straight up pro-abortion rights pol. She just said that government oversight of abortion clinics is a good thing that might have saved her cousin's life.

“It's disappointing, but not surprising, that Planned Parenthood is seeking to silence a powerful voice for Kermit Gosnell's victims,” Michael Greer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, said in a March 21 statement to CNA.

“The decision to attack Rep. Davidson shows where Planned Parenthood's interests truly lie: power and profits, not women's health.”

State representative Margo Davidson – a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives – supports legal access to abortion. However, she also voted in favor of a bill to increase health regulations for abortion providers, in honor of her cousin who she says died after visiting a clinic run by Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.
You go against PP, the money train stops pulling up. Look, here's the thing. This isn't about Margo Davidson. This is about sending a message to every other politician. They're saying you're with us or against us. There's no sometimes friend.

Planned Parenthood is the mob. Just look at what they did to the Susan G. Komen fund. They went head to head against cancer research and won. They not only won, they had Vice President Joe Biden tweeting his support of them bashing in Susan G. Komen. That's power. You want to know why Democrats march in lockstep when it comes to death, it's because they're all scared of Planned Parenthood.

Hey look, when you have a company that's willing to chop up babies for a few bucks who knows what they're willing to do. It's enough to make a pol march in lockstep.



  1. Where to begin?
    The indifference is high up on the digust-o-meter!
    How gross is this going to get? Well Ya' should get a protective radiation suit because its gonna' get nasty! Absolutely toxic! For those who care that it matters.
    Just an itty-bitty corner "outing" of pp power and influence pedaling in regard to vesting and endorsement of political candidates.
    There should be an investigation of government crime and corruption, and an in depth look at pp's politically militant, liberal-progressive democratic "packaging" messaging and endorsements.
    Reminding, this is a corporation that gets a "carte blanch" pass on all government oversights. Was originally founded and conceived in deception and outright lies, and is corrupt at every tier. Power and influence pedaling, tax evasion (eva' so specializing in cash transactions) and misdirection of funds are due course, and regarded as a "high art" form. These real gangsta's, choose their endorsed candidates carefully.
    And I thought slavery was outlawed!
    You can tell the polititions owned by pp. Not only do they continually espouse pp lies and errors, religiously. They, like dogs upon command, will literally, eat the remains off the corporate abortion table. These dogs are easily brought to heel with pp electronic, radio controlled dog collars and come a runnin' with a simple, silent dog whistle when called to bark out the latest outrageous pp talking points! Except when they have been personally injured by them. Then they allow themselves to be chained to a post, left outside in a freezing rain. Soon forgotton, with an only recourse, to whimper and whine.
    Pp is such a travasty! What an injustice!
    Now, I'm going to go and throw up.

  2. At Mass last Sunday the post-Communion hymn was not a hymn at all; the celebrant played a recording of a hillbilly come-to-Jaysus song yowled by some poor girl with an adenoid problem.

  3. (*sigh*) Now, if he'd just done this at the reception, or at the rehearsal dinner, I would be applauding as enthusiastically as anyone in the crowd... but: at Holy Mass, Father?

  4. Something similar to this happened at my wedding 8 years ago. The priest who concelebrated the Mass said he had a "gift" for us, and proceeded to bust out his guitar and sing us a U2 song. All I could think of was what my traditionalist father was thinking (my husband and I weren't trad's at the time). We found out a couple years ago that that priest left the priesthood. Unfortunate, but not surprising.

  5. oh thank goodness I have found a home at CMR. So many of my friends have "liked" this video on Facebook, and I feel like a curmudgeon. Marriage is SO HARD at times, and THAT is how he sends this couple off? Not even a reference to God and how they will need to make Him the center of their marriage?

    I prefer the custom of having the couples take their vows while holding a crucifix. Now THAT gets me teary eyed!

  6. Again, such things never happen at Mass. Your eyes are deceiving you. Stop all of your "hysteria".

  7. When Dear Leader became president in 2008, PP was receiving
    about $340 million/ year in government funds. Last year PP
    received over $500 million. And this election cycle, PP has
    announced that it plans on spending $18 million supporting
    the campaigns of pro-abortion politicians in close congressional

    How on earth is it legal for PP to both receive taxpayer dollars
    AND finance elections? Pro-abortion politicians are, in effect,
    cutting themselves checks with taxpayer dollars. Any organization
    with a half-billion dollar gravy train like PP will be able to purchase
    a lot of obedience on Capitol Hill.

  8. My priest brother, then a transitional deacon, sang the Salve Regina at our sister's wedding. It was beautiful... and the musical highlight of the wedding. Of course... he had been asked to sing... :)

  9. If the ill-fated novus ordo Mass accomplished anything at all it certainly was responsible for a new age of musical illiteracy. It also killed the beautiful contemplative silence that was once such an integral part of worship.

    Lest I be accused of tunnel vision I will add that musical illiteracy and a near-total elimination of contemplative silence is also well in evidence here at the Ancient Rite Mass in Milwaukee, where a traditional French order deformed the once-lovely silent Low Mass with a non-stop organ blaring banal tunes followed by a truly awful soloist with a voice like a strangled chicken.

    Even some so-called Traditional Orders cannot resist the temptation to endless cacophony as is common in the new and "improved" Mass..

  10. Especially since this is during LENT...where 1. weddings are to be done with LITTLE ceremony, and 2. where the "A-word" (or "H-word") is NEVER to be said AT ALL.

  11. I can beat that....

    About years ago and my now former parish, they used the "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas for the communion and recessional.

    And, yes, my brain did explode...

  12. This is exactly how the NRA works. All in or we slit your political throat.
    Besides. Why would an entity claiming they alone represent womens health want to pass legislation ensuring womens health.

  13. "Wherever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment." - Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger: The Spirit of the Liturgy

  14. Well, if we are into one-upmanship…. at a parish I attended a few years back (early 90's) the communion hymn was "From a Distance" (that Bette Middler piece of fluff). God may have been "watching us from a distance" but I spent communion wishing I was a great distance away!

  15. That right there is whatcha call liturgical abuse.

  16. I am more offended that he used the altar as a podium for his singing...really?!?!

  17. What do you suppose Hallelujah means?

  18. Look, I understand it means "praise the Lord" but in the context of the rest of the lyrics (all about the bride and groom) it was like an afterthought… or just melodic filler.

  19. What do you suppose "Hallelujah" really means in the context of Cohen's song? Or this priest's adaptation of it?

  20. This is more about the priest than the couple... a chance for him to be the center of attention, not God, nor bride and groom.

  21. The Salve Regina is appropriate, Leonard Cohen not so much.

  22. This really is not about the Novus Ordo Mass. My cathedral has as beautiful a Mass as you will see anywhere, and it's a very reverent N.O. with incense, Gregorian chant, other traditional sacred music, and liberal use of Latin. The N.O. is not the source of liturgical abuse; it is the TARGET of liturgical abuse. As long as we continue to blame the Novus Ordo we will get nowhere.


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