This is Just too Perfect. Sebelius's Resignation Glitch

Kathleen Sebelius' resignation can't even come off without a glitch. A perfect metaphor.

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  1. Her father was the late John Gilligan, governor of Ohio back in the '70s. Kathleen Gilligan attended Catholic schools most of her life -- her formative years in Cincinnati if I recall correctly. I was told her brother is an attorney in Columbus Ohio and serves on the board of trustees of a catholic hospital system. What an embarrassing moment for him. "Yeah my sister is wrecking your hospital system. Sorry bout that!"

  2. Open letter to "Kat",

    Lives will be saved because you failed! Hooray!
    Everyone now is questioning your methodologies and outcomes. And finding they absolutely, stink!
    I cannot be, but extremely "happy" in your abject failure! Sincerely and truly wishing for more! (failure)
    Healthcare does not belong in your hands or in the hands of people like you. Your not only inept and incapable, but long overstayed as well.
    You'll go down in history
    with those who put the human race on the path to extinction. Your name will rank with the most abhorrent of our time, kerry, pelosi, biden, cuomo..and all those that that are adverse to the true value of human life.
    It is my hope, in this season of lent, that you (all) "find" that value before it is too late.

    Summation of your entire professional tenure:
    In rememberence. Liking the sound of "your malformed claws" being dragged across an American chalkboard and the sight of the permanent damage and scarring they left behind!

  3. By the way,
    I don't think prograzis' really want obamacare to work!
    Won't be looking for any easy time for the abortion de jour, new heir apparent, sylvia burwell.
    Yeah, right, another abortion winner!
    Who thinks she's gonna' work out okay? (gates foundation)

    A little advice to the morons in gov.
    Might have a little more success nominating prolife candidates. Instead of shovelliing the the same old failing garbage!

  4. Do not expect to be relieved of the current anti-Catholic animus in the culture. It was more than Sebelius who created the discrimination. Sebelius was only following orders. I do not believe in a "glitch". It was purposeful to avoid any remonstrance for wrongdoing. May she R.I.P.


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