Weirdest Easter Tradition Ever

Greeks, what can you say?

This Easter tradition needs to be seen to be believed.

*subhead*Awesome or crazy? Or both?*subhead*


  1. We've known this since the 1960s. The question is, what are the carrots and sticks we should use to encourage parenting by married couples and discourage parenting by single persons?

  2. Explains a lot. Now I know another reason the Byzantine Empire fell. Pure lack of reason.

  3. Exactly. AND how do we do that without increasing the abortion rate? (Or proposing artificial birth control as an answer, either.) I'm stumped.

  4. May I ask?
    Why abortion and birth control are the first two choices given. And adoption not even mentioned for consideration?
    Did you realize this is an algorithmed "practiced" socially elicited response?
    This is how it becomes an unconscious/conscious, accepted conditioned mind set.

    Like I said, just asking.

  5. By the way,
    One would think obama would be more personally interested and envolved, as stated in his books. In addressing this issue as a priorty. Due to his own upbringing.

  6. I'm sorry, Donna. Text doesn't convey the EMOTIONS behind a statement. Let me give you my bona fides, so you see I'm not a dissenter: I'm a Steubenville grad, happily married for 23 years, nfp instructor, 11 kids, and I homeschool. In other words, I'm a Catholic who abhors abortion and contraception, OK?

    My question is more about what the CULTURE will put forth as the answer to out-of-wedlock pregnancies. As a CULTURE, we don't take adoption seriously (it is so rarely chosen). As a CULTURE we never promote chaste living in our media, educational system, or entertainment.

    Most girls pregnant out of wedlock will not see adoption as a "carrot." Having faced an out of wedlock pregnancy in my own household, I'll tell you my daughter saw adoption to be ALMOST as horrible as abortion "(how can I give away the child that grew under my heart, mom?!? How will I live wondering how my baby is doing each day?!? God allowed me to become a mother, so I should rise to the occasion.")

  7. Thank You!
    Shannon, my hero!

    Yes, I most certainly agree!
    We have the ability to change the culture. I have been, on many occasions, that one voice in the room truth to power.
    And you say you homeschool?
    Well hey, I know when I've been "out classed"! Blessed fourth day Divine Mercy Novena! ;)

  8. I'm OK with birth control. But statistically, and to generalize, the rich whites use it and the poor minorities don't. White men believe if they hold off having children until they are financially sound (or at least out of college) the promise of financial independence and success is more attainable. Poor black men just do not believe that is true for them in the same numbers that white men do. So, why would they think of putting off procreating?

  9. Both the rich and the poor (no matter their color) are rutting in the streets, and most young women (black, white, brown) have interacted with a succession of male genitalia they were expected to service. Its the BEHAVIOR of promiscuity that needs to change, not the lack of birth control use.

    Lets be really clear here, in a way the culture refuses to be. (Lord, I wish this was said CLEARLY and OFTEN in sex ed class…) It is not lack of birth control that causes pregnancy. It is SEX. If you have sex regularly and in the proper orifice, you will eventually get pregnant with or without contraception.

    The news people need to hear is that we were made to love, and sex should be at the service of that love… a life-long, mutually exclusive, life-giving and SATISFYING love. Not the cheap, shoddy imitation (sex) that the culture throws at us.

  10. I'm pretty passionate about chastity. But, obviously humbled that my own child didn't think I was teaching her the truth until she discovered it on her own.

    And I certainly love my grandchild! :-)

  11. I don't think that's a reasonable approach to a very real problem.

  12. The problem is fornication. We have been throwing birth control (and abortion as a backup plan) at this problem for 50 years, and have gotten MORE out of wedlock pregnancies. MOre of the same failed program is not the answer.

    We cannot have our cake and eat it too. We want sex without consequences…. but Mother Nature (and Nature's God) will not be so easily thwarted. Sex makes babies. If you don[t want a baby, don't have sex.

  13. I'm in agreement with Shannon.
    Taking responsibility for actions, consequences and repercussions! 1,2, and 3!
    Like serious sin. Think it, put yourself in a position to carry it out, then "actually" do it! Intervention and redirection should have, could have, may have mitigated or halted the sin, any time up until the it was carried out.


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