Everything Used to Made in Japan...Now They Don't Even Make Japanese People

If you don't like Japanese people you might want to go to Japan because it seems they've forgotten to make them.

AFP reports:
The number of children in Japan has fallen to a new low, while the amount of people over 65 has reached a record high as the population ages and shrinks, the government said Sunday.

There were an estimated 16.33 million children aged under 15 as of April 1, down 160,000 from a year earlier, the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry said.

It was the 33rd straight annual decline and the lowest level since records began in 1950, according to the ministry.

Children accounted for 12.8 percent of the population, the ministry said. In contrast, the ratio of people aged 65 or older was at a record high of 25.6 percent.

Of major countries with a population of at least 40 million, Japan had the lowest ratio of children to the total population -- compared with 19.5 percent for the United States and 16.4 percent for China, Jiji Press said.

Last month, the government said the number of people in the world's third largest economy dropped by 0.17 percent to 127,298,000 as of October 1, 2013. This figure includes long-staying foreigners.

The proportion of people aged 65 or over is forecast to reach nearly 40 percent of Japan's population in 2060, the government has warned.
Who's going to be on Japanese game shows now if there are no Japanese people? Nobody wants to see senior citizens getting knocked around or slimed. You need young people.

Sad to see. Let's pray they pull out of this death spiral.

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  1. Personally, I think the Japanese people are some of the most attractive on Earth. Our Lady of Akita, Pray for them!

  2. Japan today, us tomorrow. Go forth and multiply, folks!

  3. They also have the highest IQ as a race, and demonstrate extraordinary skill sets.
    As outcome driven people this is nothing short of incredible!
    By the way, they have been in culural decline for a few decades, now.

  4. The depopulation movement has been chalking up victories in many ways. Contraception has been the stalwart for half a century. Homosexual unions and other factors that tend towards a child or none are all consistent with the agenda. That is why most of the population explosion projections aren't coming even close. It's also why Islamic and other violent extremist groups are overpopulating the normal people and may evetnually overcome them.

  5. We dropped a couple of a-bombs on them nearly 70 years ago, but those bombs didn't do half the damage the c-bomb (contraception) they're dropping on themselves is doing to them.

  6. Well it's not quite the same contraception mentality that we have in the states that is causing this (entirely). A lot of it is economic pressure related. My wife and I already have #1, and hopefully #2 will be coming on down the line soon. They are only half Japanese, but still count!

  7. I am very happy for your children.

    I hope that you will not be offended by this question. From what I have been led to believe, children of mixed racial background are not considered Japanese within the Japanese culture? In fact, are shunned, if not overtly, than subtley? I understand that in these circumstances, Japan remains very insular?

  8. Only have one child so far, but hoping for more when God decides to bless us with them!

    I live in the States right now so it's hard for me to answer the question. Many of the people we interact with socially from Japan are also mixed marriages. From what I have heard, yes it is still a bit insular. It is improving however, and really is a change that I believe is inevitable. There are a lot more "hafu's" than there used to be. Some people might not consider my daughter fully Japanese and that's ok, she's not. She has a Japanese passport so officially she is.


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