Horror Vid: Abortion Counselor Films Her Own Abortion, Says Its "Birthlike" and "Cool"

This young woman, Emily Letts, is a counselor at a New Jersey abortion clinic. That's right. She's paid to convince women to purchase an abortion. So after becoming pregnant she decided to videotape her own abortion to show other women how "cool" it was and an overall positive experience.

"I don't feel sad," she said in the video. "I feel in awe that I can make a baby. I can make a life."

She even describes the abortion as “birth-like,” and said it made her feel good. She kept the sonogram and said she would keep the sonogram and if she ever had a fire it'd be the first thing she grabbed. Huh?

My first reaction to this was horror because there's nothing quite so horrific and horror of the commonplace variety. And then I just felt terrible for this young woman.

Update: I think the thing I find so shocking about this is that I've always thought about how to convince people that it's a baby inside the womb and not a blob of tissue. I think the work is convincing them it's a human being. But this video makes me think that perhaps many of them know it and they just don't care.

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  1. I'm not going to watch the video - I've heard enough about it. But acknowledging that she's made a baby, made a life, and then saying she's happy to kill it, that it's cool, sounds like someone who is either a sociopath or has taken cognitive dissonance to far that she's entered some other form of metal illness.

    Or she's evil. Just evil.

  2. What the ..... ?!
    This woman needs an Ave and Pater said for her by all of us.
    She is truly under the influence of the evil one, unfortunately trying to lead others the same way.

    Videos like this can actually help the prolife cause. Remember, evil loves darkness and when this evil gets exposed to the light, truth is seen.

  3. I didn't have the stomach to watch, but I'm surprised this is seeing the light of day. I thought pro-abortion advocates hated "Silent Scream?"

  4. I noticed that Ms. Letts disabled the comment section on her You-Tube video. She admits she "made a life"; does she realize the, that she also took a life?

  5. You "think" that the problem is educating them it's a baby in the womb rather than blob of tissue. That is 90% of it. Sure there are some cold blooded people who could care less, but the 90% solution! which tries to save lives is to educate people. Using ultrasound, using good old fashioned book learning. But educating on this topic and ultrasounds has been forbidden, banned and every manner of mockery put in between a woman and educating her on this subject. Think about it. The abortionists are profiting off of ignorance and are deliberately preventing education in schools, curbside pamphlets and media. Anywhere they can. If women ...or men knew the scientific facts of embryology, many would reconsider both abortion or even putting themselves into situations that lead to such horrible decisions.

  6. I thought the same thing, that education and understanding of what was actually happening was the solution to changing minds. I unfortunately think it's more than that now. We live in a culture of selfishness, extreme selfishness and it's sickening. People feel that they have the right to so many unnecessary things now and they place these things at a higher value than what really matters, like prayer, community and especially family. I have a small house, work two jobs and while we have enough to get by every month, we still struggle a little financially. But it's worth it for my wife and I to have her stay home with the kids and be able to homeschool them and for us to be active in our parish. It's a time constraint to do Sunday school and youth group activities, coach CYO and lead scouts, but it's worth it to help my kids grow up in a Catholic community. What bothers me so much is the ignorance of those around us who feel they need the big house, fancy toys and weekly nights out. They can only accomplish this by shoving their kids into daycare and forced after school activities so they can each work and "pursue their careers" and then they're so focused on that they spend the entire meeting or practice lost in their phones. I work with people who treat dogs as if they are their children, even refering to themselves as mommy and daddy of said animal. They complain regularly because someone else just got something they now want. I receive comments like "how can you afford your kids, I can barely afford myself." Things along those lines.

    The problem isn't that they don't know the value of a life, but that they place their own life's value as more important and the value of their worth is in the wrong items. St. Mother Teresa was so accurate in her quote "It's a poverty that a child must die so you may live as you wish." As the entitlement and selfishness will go down, the value of what really matters will increase.

  7. For a long time I simply had no words...

    I couldn't believe what I had just watched. No remorse...no feeling... like she hadn't just paid a butcher to murder her own child...it was like she had simply plucked an unwanted flower from a garden believing later on she could plant another. She admits its a baby and she just as quickly (and happily) murders the child.
    She's sick...our society is sick.
    I am praying for this woman with a soul so black and filthy that she no longer feels anything for life even when she still recognizes it IS a life.
    God have mercy on her and those in the room who helped butcher an innocent child.

  8. Sickening. The result of 50 years of Roe v. Wade, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, and Obama. Evil is good...

  9. I can't make myself look at that stuff. I don't know what else to say other than we have make reparation in some way.

  10. Lets remember this the next time we hear something like this: I know of no one who is pro-abortion, only pro-choice, abortion is an intensely personal decision between a woman, her family, her doctor, and her god.

  11. Since she clearly confesses that she has created a life, wouldn't it make sense to have her arrested for murder, along with the doctor and staff? I don't know how much more straightforward this can be. She confesses to murder.

  12. Couldn't stomach watching it! Saw exerts from the news by "accident"! I've been traumatized!
    Guess her counseling skills and techniques aren't quite so successful!
    So she needed to bump up the rhetoric. By getting pregnant, scripting, choreographing and "executing", what appears to be, a jaw dropping event. The staged murder of her innocent, unborn child to get her point across! The smiling, happy looking face performance is just tooo creepy! Absolutely loathsome!
    This is not the rational act or thinking, of a sane, balanced mind! Now she'll be known from now on as a murderous ghoul!
    Trust me, I'll never forget it either!

  13. By the way,
    I'm calling out the abortion doctor for investigation and prosecution for doing an invasive surgery on a woman who, from her inappropriate responses, clearly does not appear to be in her right mind!. Who is experiencing episodic periods of altered mentation!
    That's right, I'm challenging the decision that terminated this child's life. Prove that emily letts was capable of appropriate decision making before, during and after the procedure.
    If something undue happens to this woman, I holding the healthcare professionals resposible!


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