I Would Like To Thank "He Who Must Not Be Named"

If ever I was smart enough to give a speech under such ludicrous circumstances, I would make say the phrase "He Who Must Not Be Named" as many times as possible.
A professor at a public university in North Carolina forbade his students from thanking God in personal statements that will be delivered during their departmental graduation ceremony on Friday.

Artist Depiction of Professor Hvastkovs
In an email obtained by Campus Reform, Assistant Professor Eli Hvastkovs, who teaches chemistry at East Carolina University (ECU), instructed his students to prepare a “family friendly” 35­ word personal statement that mentions future plans or “thanks someone.” The students, however, were explicitly forbidden from thanking God.

“I've had some submissions that needed to be edited. so [sic] here are some guidelines,” the email reads. “1. You can't thank God. I'm sorry about this – and I don't want to have to outline the reasons why.”

I love the cowardice of this quote "and I don't want to have to outline the reasons why.”

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  1. There may be more to this instance. Who know. But clearly it ties into a general sentiment I don't understand. Why such fear of any mention of God. It's as if satan himself is behind it and by any means necessary...kindly saying no. Violently forbidding. Legislating. Anything to prevent any Christian mention of anything. Tolerance is limited to other religions and "religions" but any Christian reference is like splashing holy water on a demon.

  2. Me, I'd submit a 'clean' speech, then when I actually got up there would insert as many 'thank God's as possible.
    It's a graduation speech: what's he gonna do, expel me?

  3. East Carolina U. For a moment there I thought the allegations of banning God was a reference to the University of San Diego or to Notre Dame.

  4. Our
    son graduated ECU and I called the Chancellor’s office to explain that I did
    not approve and no money of mine would ever darken their Development office.
    The woman went to great lengths to assure me that the Chancellor had said God
    was ok on Friday. I told her of that was the case I could find no retraction
    anywhere on their website. She directed me to a small note on the bottom left
    of their news page. Oh yes, they have retracted, but very quietly so as not to
    offend the atheist faculty


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