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UN Human Rights Group Criticizes Ireland over Lack of Abortion Access

TV "Family" Show Has Lesbian Procure Late-term Abortion

Congressman Calls It Genocide

ESPN, Human Rights Campaign Blast Football Team for Hiring Traditional Marriage Supporter

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Salon Mag Calls Hobby Lobby Decision The Start of a "Religious Civil War."

Harry Potter Producer to Make Jesus Film "Zealot"

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Louisiana Supreme Court orders priest to testify about confession

NOW Say Little Sisters Of The Poor Are "Dirty"

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Anti-Catholic Ad in the New York Times

Vancouver School Board Creates New Pronouns Xe, Xem, Xyr

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Sunday Mass Attendance Drops Massively in Past Decade

Episcopal Priest Prays Lebron Stays in Miami

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Ginsburg's Dissent Says Hobby Lobby's Faith Objection "Not Substantial"