Were the White Sox Right to Tell Player to Keep His Son out of the Locker Room?

Veteran Chicago White Sox slugger Adam LaRoche is retiring from baseball and walking away from $13 million – because team officials told him to stop bringing his 14-year-old son into the clubhouse every day.

LaRoche, who is 36, officially announced his retirement on Twitter, saying: “Thank u Lord for the game of baseball and for giving me way more than I ever deserved! #FamilyFirst”

Look, I'm a stay at home Dad and my initial thought was wow, what a great guy he is or more accurately, what a great father he is. Impressive devotion to his son.

But his son was in the locker room every single day and I was kinda' thinking, if most people brought their kids into their work every day, it'd be a little weird, wouldn't it? Having kids around changes the nature of the workplace a little, I think. Obviously, the White Sox have every legal right to say they don't want kids in the locker room every day but is it the right thing to do?

I've worked for a number of publications in my time home with the kids and I've had to take them to certain meetings along the way. But every day?

LaRoche is clearly a devoted father but I don't think he can demand that his son come with the team everywhere they go, except if something like that were worked out beforehand.

Interested in your thoughts.