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Irony alert. Massachusetts assisted suicide bill dies in committee.

U.S. Army to Foot Bill For "Medically Necessary" Sex Change Surgeries

New AP History Curriculum Drops Religious Influences of Western Civilization

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Worst. Orgy. Ever

18 Inspiring Stories of Christian Courage

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Archbishop Wenski Kicks Off Fortnight for Freedom With Inspiring Homily

Pray in Private and Sex on Every Billboard

It's Just Nice to Read About Technology Being Used To Save a Baby

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The Democrats Catered Very Short Sit-In is Over

What's with These Weird "Good Thoughts" Everyone's Sending?

California Leads the Attack on Religious Liberty

UN Schools Teaching Jihad to Middle Eastern Students

WineCream. Yup. Wine and Ice Cream Together. Add Bacon and You Might Just Have Something

Who Saw This Coming? HS Condom Distribution INCREASES Teen Pregnancy and STD's

I'll Drive Clarence Thomas Around in his RV if He Agrees Not to Retire

Obama Connected Pro-Lifers to Tiller's Death So Why Can't He Connect Muslims to Terror?

Christians Killing Gays? Let's look it up.

Laughable. NBC Says Hillary's Small Crowds are a "Strategy"

The NY Times Says The Bible Says to Kill Gays

Did Pope Francis Really Just Call Some Priests "Animals?"

Eliot Milco Responds Perfectly to Fr. James Martin on Orlando

Sorry Anderson, The Orlando Murders Had NOTHING to do with Gay Marriage. Nothing.

Post Headline Says Killer Was Gay. I Say "Who Cares?"

Ambrose Bean's Public School Graduation Speech Gives Me Hope for the Future

It's Not an "Act of Hate." It's an "Act of Terror" by "Radical Muslims"

If Babies Were Aborted by Handguns Would Liberals Be Anti-Abortion?

Muhamad Ali vs. the Little Sisters of the Poor

Understanding The Fatimist Position

Grace and Selflessness at the Speech Contest

This Video Made My Day

God and the Runner's High

Actress Stacy Dash Says She's Blacklisted for Her Beliefs

Italian Catholics Asked to Pray in Silence to Avoid Offending Muslims

Mom With Baby with Down Syndrome Writes Letter to Doc Who Pushed Abortion

Pro-Choice Republican Goes Down, Pro-Lifers Declare Victory

My BIG Problem

So When Do Women's Advocates Stand Up to Transgender Craziness?

So What You're Saying Is...He Lost to a Bunch of Girls?

My First Book. Yay for Me!

Headlines from the 80's

High School Biology Test Asks Students If They Would Abort Down Syndrome Baby

Networks Give 6 Times More Coverage to Harambe than 21 Christians Beheaded by ISIS.

CNN Celebrates the "Reason Rally"

Tarzan Depicted Fighting Gorilla. Too Soon?

"I Will Go for Her." The Amazing Story of A Polish Martyr

Video: Little Kid Completely Loses It About Environment, Mom Eggs on and Videotapes

Department of Education Kills Catholic College

Political Pundits are Forgetting the Pro-Life History of Reagan Democrats. Trump Isn't

Oy. Pope To Celebrate Reformation

My Final Thought on Gorilla-Gate

Christian Youth Camp Says It Has Religious Liberty to Not Smell Like Crap

Mass Sexual Assault in Germany by Muslims

Parenting Four Year Olds Ain't Easy

History Final for the 8 Year Old