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Fr. John Holowell Has Something to Say to Cecile Richards. Kinda' Awesome.

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Kaine Goes Jekyll and Hyde on Abortion

SAT"s Are Making Me a Bad Parent

I have been Accepted into The Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking.

They Have Come for Us Before

Faith Under Fire Available in Bookstores Friday

Pro-Life Videographers Cleared of All Charges

ISIS Raids Morning Mass, Kills Priest in Normandy

7 Religious Liberty Quotes from Founding Fathers You Should Know

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Resistance Is Futile: Vatican Power Politics

When To Cut Your Child's Ties To a Friend

Don't Worry Debbie. Last Convention, Dems Booed God.

Note to Catholic Pols: The "Seamless Garment" is not an Invisibility Cloak for Evil.

Media Code for Catholics Like Tim Kaine or Rick Santorum

Lt Gov To NBA: We Won't Endanger Women and Children for Your Game

When Cardinal Burke Says Common Sense Things and People Freak

The NBA Punishes Players for Politics, Then Politics

Sherry Antonetti Gives "Faith Under Fire" 5 Stars

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The Cruz-Trump Debacle Was Pure WWE

Are Pollsters Expecting Minorities to Vote in 2012 Numbers?

I Have Nobody To Yell at this Election

HuffPo Writer Hilariously Pleads with Pope Francis to End Humility

Baton Rouge Officer's Moving Facebook Message Days Before His Death

If You're Going to Plagiarize, Why Plagiarize Michelle Obama?

Official USF Apparel Featuring Rainbow Flag CA

Yeah, This Birth of a Nation Poster Should Help Things

NY Nun Missing in Austria

Act Like a Christian. The World is Watching

Pence's Cowardice on Religious Liberty Should Trouble Us All

Fr. Pfleger Says Police are "Enforcers of America's Injustice."

PokemonGo and Everest

Trump, Looking for Pro-Lifers, Picks Pence?

Billboard Company Has Right to Refuse God's Not Dead 2 Sign

Nobody Gets "Time and Place" Anymore

Trailer for "Faith Under Fire."

Trailer for "Faith Under Fire."

The Tenors Changed the Anthem to Say "All Lives Matter."

First Gay Dating Show to Air This Fall

Biden Promises to "Work Like the Devil" to Elect Hillary

Japan's Baby Dearth is Causing Major Problems

University Requires "Diversity" Pledge. So Why Can't Catholic Colleges Hire for Mission?

Christian Mother of 7 Hacked to Death in Nigeria.

Awful. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Scalia's Death Was a Good Thing for Liberal Agenda

Leaked Docs Show 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve

Gen Flynn, Possible VP Pick, Announces He's Pro-Abortion

Seminarian Saves Woman from Drowning, Now Missing

Father Mychal Judge: Victim 0001

Alito: "Those Who Value Religious Freedom Have Cause for Great Concern."

Headline of the Day?

Gene Rodenberry Wanted Kirk to Fight Jesus

Jesse Jackson Learns About Dallas Shooting and Blames...Trump

Thinking Inside the Box

Fewer Young "Pro-Lifers" But More Against Abortion

Why Isn't Planned Parenthood Proud of the Number of Abortions for Black Women?

This is My Facebook Prayer

My Son Has Superpowers. Maybe.

Government Lawlessness Leads to Violence

Yup. Hillary Just Offered a Job to Loretta Lynch in the NY Times.