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Gatestone Institute: Yup. Europe is Pretty Much Doomed. And you can leave out the "pretty much"

Faith Under Fire Rated 4.8 Stars Out of 5

Young Actress Pressured Into Abortion. Now Cheer for Women's Rights!!!

Scariest Headline Ever: "Clown Trying to Lure Kids Into Woods."

Sorry Patrick Henry, Liberty and Death Are Now Intertwined

Middle School Basketball Players Defend Cheerleader with Down Syndrome

Earliest Depiction of Crucifixion May Be Anti-Christian Graffiti

Two Catholic Nuns Killed. Motive Unclear

Docs Sue Obama Administration for Forcing Them To Perform Transgender Surgeries

Starnes: La. Cop Told To Stop Praying By Red Cross

Ask Yourself the Cardinal George Question Before You Vote

NPR Says Gimme' Your Money and Shutup

8 Reasons Jim Gaffigan Shouldn't Quit His Show

Listen to Me on Sheila Liaugminas Yesterday

9 Year Old Has 300 Pizzas Delivered to Flood Victims Instead of Birthday Present

Judge Blocks Obama's Transgender Student Bathroom Mandate

Salon Thinks Republicans Are Losing Faith in Christ

Does This Sound Healthy To You?

I'll Be on Sheila Liaugminas' Show Monday at 6 p.m. EST

Simone Biles' Priceless Reaction to a Bee in Her Bouquet

Tell Me Those Somali Refugees Aren't Assimilating ;)

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That "Olympic Moment" Was a Christian Moment

Exciting Cardinal Newman Society News Roundup! Now with More Matt Archbold!!!

Pelosi Loves Babies But Trump Hates Mexicans?

Pope Benedict's Book Title is Reportedly "Last Testament: In His Own Words."

Democrats Say the Sheep Lies

Radio Excerpt About Fr. Mychal Judge, Who is Featured in "Faith Under Fire."

How's that Separation of Church and State Thing Working Out for You?

I Used to Never Leave Home without a Gun. Now I'd Never Leave Without a Rosary

Amazing Video. Dad Has Alzheimers But Comes Back When He Sings

Happy Catholic Hearts "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage."

Despite Losing in Court, Obama Continues Bullying Catholics with HHS Mandate

Christian Sentenced to Five Years By Muslims for...Being Christian

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America's Birth Rate Lowest Ever. Yeah, We're Doomed

Hey, Didn't God Assist in Jesus' Suicide?

Irony Alert. Pelosi Says She's "All About Babies."

2,000 Year old Demon Scrolls Discovered. Wait, You Didn't Read Them, Did You?

Britain Throws Up Its Hands Over Transgender Pension Case

Looking for Hope? Read "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage."

Flannery O'Connor Was No Fan of Ayn Rand

Beautiful Video. Adult Stem Cell Success Story - Cindy Schroeder

So Maybe the Jesuit Didn't Commit The Biggest Archaeological Fraud Ever?

Dems Applaud Scalia's Death. Dem Says "It Happened at a Good Time."

Man Sues Catholic Org for Firiing Him Just for "Gently Advocating" Abortion to Girlfriend

Wow. Jill Stanek Nails It. Abortion Lobby Would "Rather Kill Babies Than Mosquitos."

Priest Cited in Movie "Spotlight" Commits Suicide

Dean of Diversity Calls for Segregated Meeting

19 Killed. But Don't Worry, They Were Disabled.

Looking for the Right College

Hey, Speaking of Statues?

Catholic Groups "Neutral" on Tyrannical Illinois Abortion Bill?

Unitarians Take a Brave Stand for Religious Liberty. (Yeah, It's Sarcasm.)

The Race As It Stands -- My Analysis

Joe Biden Officiates Gay Marriage. Silence Ensues

Hillary's Plan for Free College Could Destroy Catholic Colleges

Dublin Abp. Says Seminary Too Gay

Pope Francis: "Terrible" What Children Are Taught About Gender

Planned Parenthood Freaks About Trump's Baby Joke

No Slippery Slope, Huh?

Pope Francis Establishes Commission on Women Deacons.

The Libertarian Candidate on Religious Liberty And Abortion

Yeah Scalia Was Religious But That's Not Why He Supported Religious Liberty