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It's Official. All the Cool Kids Have Read and Loved "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage."

CNN Fires Donna Brazile over Wikileaks. But They're Unverified?!!!

Would Dems Support Abortion so Rabidly If Planned Parenthood Didn't Donate So Much?

Theologian Michael Novak on the Unvoteable Hillary Clinton

Supreme Court To Discover What Our Founding Fathers Thought About Boys Using Girls School Bathrooms

Amazing and Beautiful Video of Christians Erecting a Cross in Town Once Held by Isis

Facebook Rejects Crisis Pregnancy Center Ad

Debate Boils Over Sex Education in Catholic Schools

NYC School Sends Home Hilarious (And Sad) Letter Warning About "Cultural Appropriation" for Halloween

Matt's Report Card: Clinton and Warren Rally at Saint Anselm, Lawsuit Against Catholic School Moves Forward

Tim Tebow Silences Stephen A. Smith on ESPN

Poll: Trump Would Win Big if Teens Voted and Why That Means We're All Doomed

Funniest Political Ad of the Year.

I Recorded a Segment with Al Kresta Today to Discuss "Faith Under Fire"

The State of Journalism

So Where's the "Comeback Kid" Trump Story from NBC?

New and Awesome: Vasectomy Parties

Assisted Suicide Bill Prompts Insurance to Deny Chemo to Mom, Offers Suicide Pill for $1.20.

Someone Explain to me How this is "Progress?"

Clinton to Apologize to Cardinal Dolan and Catholics? Nah.

Church Sold in Philly to Muslims

The Trump Effect

Whose Side Are These Celebrities On?

Hillary Dances Around Question on Abortion

More Casualties Than Ever From the Sexual Revolution

Catholics for Choice Seeks to Undermine Catholicism

Report Card: DePaul Bans ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ Posters, Pro-Life Display Defaced at Marquette

Sotomayor: I Wanted to Hit Scalia with a Bat

Ad for Margaret Sanger's First Birth Control Clinic

Wait, Donald Trump is Responsible for Gary Busey's Actions Now

Good News from Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary

Museum Plans to Desecrate Image of Virgin Mary in Museum

Randy Travis Rises From Wheelchair and Sings Amazing Grace. Beautiful

We Need Heroes Right Now

So Yeah, I'm Losing Faith in the Faithless System

Religious Freedom Means Pro-Lifers Referring for Abortions

CNN Blames The Victim in "Political Terrorism"

CRS Distributes Contraceptives

So Dems Don't Like to Be Interfered With? heh.

The Most Milquetoast Defense of Catholicism Ever from USCCB President

LGBT Group: Shutup Science!!!

College Offers Counseling For Students Scared or Offended by Halloween Costumes

Archbishop Chaput Comments on The Anti-Catholic Clinton Campaign Emails

The Left Despises Conservative Catholics More Than Islamic Radicals

California Orange County DA Files Case Against Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Partner DV Biologics

Clitnon Campaign Official Plotted "Catholic Spring"

Matt's Weekly Catholic College Report Card

The First Commandment of the Intolerant Left: “Thou Shalt Kill”

Imagine the Trump Campaign Had Called Islam "Backwards" and Mocked Muslims

Clinton Campaign's Anti-Catholic Emails

Topless Protesters Go Barbaric Against Cathedral

Trump's Audio and Alec Baldwin's

Uh-oh. Billy Bush's Career in Danger

The White House Must be Protected

Big Win for Free Speech and Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Boy Mows Lawns to Buy Father's Gravestone

Don't Let The Next Synod Fool You

Sports and Politics Are the Best Ways to Mainline Horror and Tragedy Into a Happy Life

Episcopal Church Puts Up "Christa" Statue. Yup. Christ as a Woman.

Wait, Did Cecile Richards Really Just Say That?

Catholic Colbert Makes Praying a Gay Joke

Holding Your Newborn Baby for the 1st Time is Priceless, Right? Wrong!

That Insane Moment When Kaine Interrupted Pence's Recollection of 9/11

Gov. Jerry Brown Wants a List of Title IX Dissenters Made Public