HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Stumbles Upon a Catholic Dogma

“Revelation gives us the certainty of faith that the whole of human history is marked by the original fault freely committed by our first parents.” (CCC 390)

I love stories. I read a lot and I like going to the movies and watching quality television ... and some not so quality, to be honest. I truly believe that the human mind is made to respond to stories. Whenever Jesus wanted to explain something to us, He told a story.

I love the insights of artists who can really make us see things in a new way or perhaps more clearly. Even in violent movies, I am touched by a moment of grace like the grandmother in Flannery O'Connor's “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” who has a sudden revelation of love in the midst of horrific violence.
The critically acclaimed HBO show Westworld has everyone talking right now. This article will remain spoiler-free but the second season finale had many twists and turns and has many people talking. But what interests me is the show's view of humanity, which is ... quite dire. And I'm totally on board with that. I'm all about the dire. I believe that people desperately need help of the supernatural variety. Westworld co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan's talked about his show's indictment of humanity with Entertainment Weekly. Mind you, his language is salty but the point is a good one.

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