How Does Michelle Obama Reconcile this with her Abortion Views?

Former First Lady Michelle Obama wrote about the joy of an unborn child:
"We had our outward lives, but now there was something inward happening, a baby growing, a tiny girl ... small, burgeoning life that was now throwing elbows and poking my bladder with her heel. I was never alone."
How can she possibly reconcile that thought with her abortion views? I just have no idea? Isn't this wonderful quote mutually exclusive to the thought that you should be able to kill that "tiny girl?"

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  1. Weird thing about your header picture. On my android cell phone I can read the caption on your header image (though the bottom edge of the caption is cropped), and it made me laugh. On my computer there is no caption.

    I've found that liberals can hold two mutually exclusive opinions at once. Lack of ability or willingness to think analytically. As in when they chant against hate and violence while beating up someone who disagrees with them.

  2. Cognitive dissonance is a prerequisite for being a Leftist.


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