Chicken or the Egg?

I know the big question is always what came first, the chicken or the egg but I think a more important question is who was the first guy to say "hey, this fell out of the chickens butt, what do you say we eat it up?"

But I do wonder what happened first. Was it society that just went haywire and then many leaders in the Church went squishy or did many Church leaders becomes squishy leading to society going haywire?

The Portuguese website "Observador", one of the most important news and opinion websites in the country, published a special Christmas interview with the Bishop of the most populous diocese in Portugal, Oporto (Porto), Manuel Linda, and another theologian, a priest called Anselmo Borges. [Update: the wicked bishop has tried to hide his declarations by adding "clarifications" to the original piece; therefore, in order to preserve historical record, the original piece has been posted in our Repository.]

In it, they dismantle all "myths" related to Christmas, including its December date ("probably September"...), but the greatest scandal of all is the direct attack on several Dogmas related to the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the purity of His Immaculate Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.


  1. If true, what sad, unhappy little men! They are much in need of our prayers.

  2. You can't be a farmer and hate dirt.
    You can't rise in the field of sports and not be athletic.
    You can't rise in the profession of mathematics teaching and be unable to add.

    So how do these guys rise so high in the Church and not believe?


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