The Hubris of Science

The history of science should act as an antidote to the hubris of the historical sciences. Alack, the preponderance of past error in science only convicts them that they have vanquished error today & their "scientific" word is the last. It isn't.

So many of the current models of the historical sciences, upon which they dogmatically insist, will turn out to be incorrect, proven so by the demeaned. So much so, I suspect, that for certain historical sciences, the past 100 years will be considered a dark age.

Tales will be told about the unheralded geniuses that discerned truer things could not find a peer review publisher or had a RationalWiki page demeaning their theories as pseudo-science. Future folks will laugh about how backward we were and how obvious it all is to them. Repeat.

Like an abandoned frontier amusement, the edifices of several accepted models disguise the emptiness within and those evidences show the signs of rot and decay. They will not stand in the wind of truth much longer. When one goes, the dominoes may well fall.

But many of those committed to these false models do not seek the truth, but rather a plausible alternative to it that shuts the door on the Creator. They will, with dogmatic vehemence, adopt new unquestionable dogma with the same ends as the old.

But real science, beaten and bowed though it may be, continues the climb up the mountain determined to see the truth, He who is the Truth who was there all along, waiting for us on the other side.


  1. real science, beaten and bowed though it may be, continues the climb up the mountain .....but will not go over 15 cubits above the Mountain Tops.....

  2. Continuing along these lines, there is a good test to see whether something is true or false science. True science starts with some beginning, and proceeds to make advances toward discovering truth. False science works backwards. It begins by treating some desired outcome as axiomatic, then tries to find plausible means to justify the desired end. This can be seen in various multiple branches of "science" that include both the material and immaterial. Exemplars in various areas include Darwin, Freud, Marx, and Hawking. If one digs deep enough, the universal theme at their root is reserving the "right" to disobey the Creator.


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