Newsweek: Say, What's Wrong with Cannibalism Anyway?

I suppose once your culture allows executing infants in the womb and euthanizing the elderly, it's no surprise that the taboo on cannibalism might be next.

Newsweek ran a piece authored by two university lecturers suggesting that cannibalism could just solve world hunger. The piece suggests that cannibalism is common in the animal kingdom and asks why it wouldn't be with humans?

It is never suggested that humans are not simply animals, how about that?It is never considered that humans are made in God's image.

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  1. Just when you think the bar can't get any lower, but we have professional men, doctors who work at the lauded Johns Hopkins, arguing that we should feel empathy for predators who rape children. After all, they're just "minor attracted" and it's not fair to stigmatize them. So if we have vermin that low, professional vermin, why not just eat each other?
    Okay Lord, we're done now, please come and get us.

    1. I think it was St. Lawrence? who said as he was being roasted alive: "You can turn me over now, I'm done on that side." But....yes, I agree, I'd rather be rescued. The battle wounds have festered almost to the point of no return.

  2. Remember, there are no bounds for evil. Today, when people don't even believe that reality is real, there will be a new suggestion of doing something more evil than what is already accepted as being good.

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