Holy Family Depicted as Refugees in Cages by Church

Because everything must be politics, a Methodist church in California has a nativity scene showing Jesus, Mary and Joseph as a refugee family split at border.

To be clear, Mary and Joseph were following the law by heading to Bethlehem.


  1. Those who generate this sort of nonsense each year are the ones in cages, those metaphorical cages of limited intellect into which they have, like the dwarves in the stable in CSL's THE LAST BATTLE, locked themselves.

  2. For the record, those who cross the border and present themselves as requesting asylum are also following the law, whether they cross at a recognized point of entry or not.

    1. Not if they've passed through other countries without requesting it. A Guatamalan can't wait until he is through Mexico to request asylum.

  3. We prolly should be grateful that at least it's Mary and Joseph, not Mary and Josephine.

  4. Showing that methodists don't understand Christianity.
    So what's new?


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