Confused Catholic HS Students Protest Church's Stance on LGBT Teachers

Students at a Catholic school protested the diocesan decision to fire two openly gay teachers. They said they didn't understand why the Church would do this. Oh, the poor confused students.

Hmmmm, if only there were an institution created to educate young people about the teachings of the Catholic Church. Oh wait.

For a few hours Tuesday, rainbow-clad crowds of Catholic-school students, alumni and parents covered the entrances of the Seattle Archdiocese offices in Capitol Hill and John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien.

They protested the abrupt departure of two teachers at Kennedy Catholic, who they say were forced to quit last week because of their same-sex relationships. A letter sent to parents from the school’s administration said the “highly capable” teachers “voluntarily resigned,” but did not mention why. So far, no one with firsthand knowledge of the situation has confirmed either account.
You had me at "rainbow clad crowds."

Step one: Take a very serious look at the theology teachers at these institutions. Because these students don't seem to understand very basic teachings of the Catholic Church.


  1. Such does not obtain in my local public school.

  2. What confuses me is why such actions exclude teachers who are divorced/remarried or who support pro-choice candidates or non-practicing Catholic teachers. (btw, I am not suggesting these people ought to be treated the same way.) But it seems to me the homosexual person is being singled out and called into question instead of life-choices. Certainly, what is taught or promoted in Catholic classrooms must reflect Catholic teaching but I think it is very tricky and dangerous to put a magnifying glass on a teacher's personal, private life. Young people are far better at differentiating the dignity of a person from his life choices. I know many a heterosexual teen who has quality gay friends but does share (nor necessarily approve of) the gay lifestyle. I think what the young people may be discerning is a lack of respect for the dignity of the homosexual PERSON.

  3. Teachers and staff who violate their contracts whether gay or straight, married or single are being fired for cause or not having their contracts renewed. I suspect that when it happens to someone who is gay it gets more press/attention than their straight counterparts.


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