Our Lady of Akita and Food For Thought

Some food for thought, folks:
In 1973, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa of Akita Japan received a dire warning of a coming chastisement. She warned of Cardinals opposing Cardinals, bishops against bishops. Terrible chastisements for sin. You know the one.
Did you know that after decades of silence, in Oct of last year she reportedly received a message from her angel which said, “Cover in ashes and please pray the Penitential Rosary every day." A clear allusion to the 40 day warning of Jonah to Ninevah to repent or be destroyed.
Scientists estimate that the Wuhan virus first emerged in mid to late November of 2019, or around 40 days later.
"Earlier reports from Chinese health authorities and the World Health Organization had said the first patient had onset of symptoms on 8 December 2019—and those reports simply said “most” cases had links to the seafood market, which was closed on 1 Jan."
40 days - December 8th - January 1st. From Fatima to Akita to now. We can't say we weren't warned. Like I said, food for thought.


  1. Clinging to the Rosary is far more healthful than clinging to hoarded cases of toilet paper.

  2. It's not the Great Plague. In fact it wouldn't be much at all if people would stop with the hype.

  3. It may not be the bubonic, but to the people who have died and their loved ones, it's extremely serious, and there's no denying it's worldwide effect. It has everyone's attention. We ought keep in mind viruses can mutate, please God, this one doesn't, but they can, and that every life lost is typically devastating to someone. People are not talking enough about the "side-effect" of this virus, undeniable, many end up needing a ventilator. That is not nothing, it's something, and if there are not enough ventilators to go around, they would be most likely denied older people and given to younger people. This type of scenario would be horrific, but it is what Italy has reportedly been enduring. We really need to take this seriously and do whatever we can to mitigate it.
    I remember that news coming out about Sister Sasagawa. Amazing.

  4. This may be just the first warning of the coming tsunami: larger waves following smaller waves.


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