Catholics Can't Even Unite against Corona

It's a stressful time. I get it. But the acrimony displayed arguing about this current crisis is a bit koo-koo.

People can question if Corona deaths are being overcounted and still believe that the Coronavirus is a danger and understand they should stay home. They are not idiots.

People can worry about the economic impact of the quarantine and still be concerned about people. They are not heartless capitalist pigs who have sold their soul to Wall Street.

I'm not sure when those things became mutually exclusive.

Dr. Deborah Birx announced that the models say the death count is trending downwards. Yay, right? Sure. But this quickly became cause for nasty arguments and accusations.

Are we completely unable to debate serious subjects without resorting to name calling and accusations of being not sufficiently pro-life?


  1. Matt, you are exactly right.

    In the long ago with great joy I was accepted into the Faith. I was blessed with wonderful Catholic friends who introduced me to the Church, the words of Archbishop Sheen, the teaching of a wonderful, wise priest who had suffered under the Nazi of his Belgian homeland, and the silent stirrings of the Holy spirit and the angels.

    Given the way Catholics hiss and spit at each other now - including some famous blogging priests of unaccountable spitefulness - I would be so repelled that I would never consider the Church. God bless the greater strength and character of those converts entering the Church this year.

  2. "...the Nazis who oppressed his Belgian homeland..." Someday I'm gonna learn how to read and write on a grade school level.


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