The Old Normal Wasn't That Great

I’m interested in what we’re calling the new normal. Hey folks remember, the old normal wasn’t that great. Maybe this can act as a reset button culturally. Probably not though, right?

I used to think that if Americans had a common enemy we'd all rally together. Turns out I was way off. yeah, we're kinda' doomed. Congress isn't even reconvening. They essentially declared themselves non-essential workers. For once, we can all agree.

Yesterday, a giant asteroid passed by Earth yesterday. For a minute I got hopeful but then I thought "Thanks anyway Asteroid, we'll just destroy ourselves. We got this."

Speaking of space, the Pentagon released pretty startling footage of UFO’s and I can’t help but wonder that in this moment where so many people are panicked out of their minds, someone at the Pentagon thought "hey now’s a great time to remind them about aliens!"

People are so panicked about Corona that most people were just like hey, just tell them to stay six feet away.


  1. Congressmen (and so-called -women) while declaring themselves non-essential still seem to be collecting their exhorbitant salaries. I have a proposal:

    I propose replacing the current representatives and senators with a flock of geese, even Canadian Geese will serve.

    Why Geese? you ask. Well- we get to keep the things congress does really well; they **** all over the place, raise an incredible ruckus whenever some thing they are not sure of or don't like happens and when real danger approaches they flee. Thus there will be a continuation of function.

    However they also make really good sentries/watch dogs, unlike our current congress. They are also cheaper to feed and maintain. And finally term limits won't be a problem as long as there is a hunting season every year.

    Respectfully submitted for your consideration,


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