Bring Barbers out of the Back Alley

Ive heard that there are people getting haircuts in garages, back alleys, and other unsanitary places. In these uncertain times, we should legalize hair salons and barber shops to make them safer for everyone.

Oh, and while we're at it, maybe the Churches too.


  1. You would think that, being retired, this wouldn't really affect me. But Sunday. Going to Mass. Among other things, it anchored the week in time.

    As to hair - chemo taught me that I don't care for completely bald - too cold, too vulnerable to sun burn. But really short - easy and cheap. And Amazon will deliver a set of Wahl clippers right to your door. Just remember to put the guard on or you'll have to go through a bald stage again.

  2. In Texas I can go to a drag race and the supermarket, but not to the barber or Mass. I notice that Governor Abbot and his pal Donnie Scott Goeb are sporting good haircuts, though.


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