NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo To Release Book about His Coronavirus Leadership


Andrew Cuomo Rushes to Release Book About His Coronavirus ‘Leadership.

I've got some thought for titles.

"Throw Momma into the Nursing Home."

"Anatomy of a Murder."

"Dial "Cuomo" for Murder."

"Murder on the Covid Express."

"Escape from New York."

"World War C"

Any more suggestions?


  1. Heard him saying something about not letting fear rule and I really would like to ask him if that would be the fear felt by the helpless elderly as his policies killed them.

    I'm pretty sure that if this had been a policy in a prison camp during war it would be considered a war crime.

  2. "Diary of a Serial Killer"
    "Dial Cuo'MM'o for Mass Murder"
    "Governor's Happy Hills Rest in Peace Home"

  3. "Crime But No Punishment"
    "All Quiet on the Nursing Home Front"
    "The Nursing Home Archipelago"


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