The NBA Could Learn from the Catholic Church

Lebron James wants to cancel the season to protest racial injustice.

Catholic Church to NBA: Um, you may wanna be careful about cancelling. 

It turns out that most people don't come back.


  1. When they drop the mandatory mask thing I'll go back into the church proper. I can stand about 10 minutes with the mask and then I can't breathe. Which is why my shopping lists are so carefully put together.

  2. I don't think pro sports is going to rebound from these antics.

  3. Sports as entertainment.
    It requires a fan base that can support the incredible expense of putting on the show (salaries, arenas, transportaion, etc) which the nba (as well as mlb and the nfl have) had in the past.
    But with the hateful utterings of the players, the moral cowardice shown by the owners, the utter compliance to the chicoms and the random cancelling, based on the "hurt feelings" of the players, of the few games that might be played they are spitting in face of what few fans they may have left.
    They all, especially the b-ballers, may have to become some vat=riaation of the "ccba" (chi-com b-ball ASSociation).


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