San Fran Mayor To Pay Black Women to Have Children

This is insane. 


 San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) appears to be so disinterested in handling the homeless problem, the feces-littered public streets, and the skyrocketing business closures due to government-imposed lockdowns, she decided Columbus Day would be a good time to pander to SJWs – using other people’s money, of course.

Her brilliant idea? As Gabriel Keane reports for NationalFile, based on a press release from the mayor's office:

On Monday, the San Francisco mayor’s office announced the launch of a government program called the ‘Abundant Birth Project,’ which will give $1,000 per month cash payouts to black ‘and Pacific Islander women’ for becoming pregnant and having children.

 Which is curious for numerous reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Mayor Breed (an almost ironic name) made a big deal of accepting the endorsement of the Planned Parenthood Northern California Action Fund, and that organization isn’t exactly aligned with increasing birth rates among minorities.

 Wait a second. I thought the left didn't want government getting involved in the reproductive choices of women? This sounds an awful lot like coercion rather than choice. So this mayor wants to give money to Planned Parenthood to kill babies while also paying money to black women and "Pacific Islanders" to have children. And isn't this discriminatory against other races? What, are there populations we don't want too many of as Ruth Bader Ginsburg once famously suggested?


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    1. Great question. Because we are now told that men can have babies.

  2. Isn't paying specifically black women to have children a racist concept?

  3. Male patriarchy at its best -- turning women especially women of color into baby breeders.

    Gives new meaning to the phrase barefoot, pregnant, and a sink full of dishes.

    1. I was told patriarchy was bad. I guess I was wrong.

  4. Yes, there are populations we don't want too many of.
    DemoKKKrats immediatelycome to mind.

  5. "Mayor London Breed (D) appears to be so disinterested in handling the homeless problem, the feces-littered public streets ..."

    Hence this peaceful protestor should've taken his act to Mayor Breed's driveway. (It's all about the potency of protest speaking directly to those in a position to implement change. Facility-lacking lives matter!


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