What if I told You I Knew a Faithful, Funny, and Brilliant Jesuit

I was on Fr. Robert McTeigue's radio show The Catholic Current. The man is brilliant, faithful, and funny. We talk about religious freedom and Covid.

Here's the episode.

Also, Fr. McTeigue has a new book out from Ignatius Press. I just ordered it. 


  1. Well, I might just read that because "faithful" isn't the first word I think of when I hear "Jesuit."

    I have a raging liberal socialist neighbor. Has tried to argue that Jesus was a socialist. (Same neighbor is an atheist but let that go...) Pulled what he thought was his trump card the other day: "I lived with a Jesuit priest for a while." I don't think he expected my reaction. I burst out laughing and said "Well THERE'S your problem!"


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