FBI Colluding with Big Tech to Censor Hunter Biden?

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg explained to the Senate that they censored the Hunter Biden stories because the FBI had warned them that the Russians might be releasing hacked information. So when the story hit he said he thought that was probably it. My first response is "BS." THese people hate us and lie all the time. But then I remembered something. The FBI had the laptop. They knew what was on it. For months. Isn't it possible the FBI warned Big Tech about Russian hacking precisely because they knew this story would be coming and thought it would help Trump so they spun this ridiculous story about Russia to Big Tech and the media. This means that Big Tech, the media, and the FBI are all colluding against Trump and you. #disgusted. We live in scary times.


  1. You’re right, although Facebook would’ve had another excuse if it wasn’t true. But the funny thing about the FBI angle is that they had it in plenty of time to inform democrat voters who could have voted for somebody different.

    Not better, just different. As in someone who didn’t leave evidence on a laptop in a repair shop.

    1. Unless they wanted Biden to win so they could blackmail him.


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