YouTube, Vimeo Censor Video Of Premature Babies Refused Medical Care In "Christian" Hospital

This is tough to watch. YouTube and Vimeo are shutting it down and it's likely that other Big Tech will join in on the conspiracy of silence.

The Federalist

 YouTube and Vimeo removed a video posted by the pro-life non-profit Created Equal, showing footage of premature twin boys after they had been delivered in a hospital, only to be denied care by doctors and nurses and left to die.

The video captures moments in the delivery room at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, where the boys’ mother, Amanda Finnefrock, said no hospital staff were present as her first son, Emery, landed on the edge of the bed. He received no treatment and lived for 45 minutes. Her second son, Elliot, breathed and cried on his own for two and a half hours before he died. Finnefrock told The Federalist that a neonatologist at the hospital said “it’s inhumane to try” to save him.

Mind you, this is at a Christian hospital. But the thing is that the pro-life group Created Equal can't even show the video without it getting taken down. Why? They offer vague reasons. But we know that the real reason is that you cannot show babies at 22 weeks. That will shock people into believing they're actually human. And they can't have that. 

When they can't argue, they silence. Don't let the lives of these children be silenced.

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  1. Colorado has a 22 week abortion ban on the ballot. The pro-abortion crowd is putting out ads and literature with all sorts of lies. On TV ad has a couple 'of faith' saying how they just had to decide to kill their unborn child who was diagnosed with disabilities because they did not want him to suffer. Did he suffer when he was dismembered do you think? This 22 week ban is for abortions after 5 months and would only affect late term killings except 'for the life of the mother'. But even if it passes, the demoncrat majority in the legislature can overturn day 1 of the next session. That is where we are at. Only if Mr. Trump is re-elected do we even have a chance to keep fighting for the unborn--humanly speaking.

    1. The differences between the two parties has never been more clear.


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