Big Tech Is Not Our Friend

 The New Evangelization has hit an obstacle. It’s a rather big one. Big Tech is actively working to censor or silence voices with whom they disagree. They’ve entered into an unofficial or perhaps even official agreement with secular progressives to advance their agenda. Those who resist will be silenced.

This is not a hyperbolic warning. This is happening. This has been happening. And this isn't just politics. It’s about Catholics who are attempting to speak publicly about their faith.

Instapundit recently wrote, “Abandoning the decentralized blogosphere for the walled gardens of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was a huge mistake, particularly for conservatives.”

I couldn’t agree more. This election season was a clear warning that we cannot trust Big Tech. The mask is off. They are now the gatekeepers of acceptable speech.

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  1. Even "Catholic" site are now censoring. I and many others were permanently removed last week from commenting on Gloria.TV. Apparently only those who are part of their organization are allowed to question anything about "Pope Francis". Anyone else is now banned.

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