New Testament "Scholar" Wonders if Jesus was a Wizard

Candida R. Moss is an English New Testament scholar and the Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham. She used to be at the University of Notre Dame. That's when I first heard of her. 

I remember I was working for The Cardinal Newman Society at the time and she'd just come out with a book saying that the Catholic Church exaggerated the number of early martyrs in order to gain followers. Seems counter-intuitive but hey, I'm not scholar. She seems to have enjoyed the notoriety because her writings since then seem to all me at attempt to draw attention. 

Because she's always willing to poke holes or question Catholic history in silly ways she is often asked to speak about all things Catholic and Christian for CBS and CNN.

So here she is, writing about Halloween, WITH A VERY SERIOUS SCHOLARLY THESIS titled, 

‘Was Jesus a Wizard?’ Is Actually a Serious Scholarly Question

I know, right? 

Clickbait. Here's the thing. I understand why some writers write silly things in order to get hits but there's got to be a limit, doesn't there? Candida Moss would answer that with a clear and resounding "no."

I'm really not in the mood to really examine this. You know the trick. She just says over and over about what the perception from "some" could be. What, she could say, is wrong? I'm just arguing that this is how some could perceive.

It’s Halloween weekend, when scary but sexy becomes a universally acceptable dress code. Though trick-or-treating may be off the table because of the pandemic, sexy devils, witches, and wizards are still on the sartorial menu. Though the Satanic undertones of Halloween might seem a world away from the pristine piety of Christianity there’s a case to be made that the most famous magician of all time is not Harry Potter or Gandalf, but Jesus Christ himself.

I read it, hoping that, in the end, she'd explain why Jesus shouldn't be seen as a wizard and why He is different. But sadly, this is how she ended her think piece.

All of which is to say that perhaps Jesus deserves a place alongside all the Halloween costumes of today, be they tasteful or of Tiger King and Karen. After all, and even when socially distanced, who wouldn’t want a guest who can turn tap water into alcohol and multiply the snack options? 

Candida Moss is like one of those Bibles that has all the miracles and uncomfortable teachings crossed out. With more pieces and books like these expect to see her on television a lot more talking about why Jesus wasn't actually born on Christmas as in her brilliant scholarly piece titled: 

"The Greatest Myths About Jesus Christ’s Birth"



  1. These type articles come out every year at Christmas and Easter, regular as clockwork. It appears that, like the decorations in stores, the Christmas articles are starting earlier.

    1. For Christmas we get the special on Jesus never actually existing to be followed by the special showing that He was married.

  2. I would expect the "Cadbury" professorship is more about sweets and empty calories than actual scholarship. "Candida", (where did she get that name from? Did her parents despise her?), seems to fill that bag of sourballs quite well.

  3. ive heard this before in Pagan circles. Frankly I believe Jesus was a Jew and most Pagans are ignorant sychopants I don't believe Jesus belongs in Paganism

  4. Something that most Christians don't realize, is that the Orthodox Jews have always believed in reincarnation. They believe, (and it is very likely to be true), that Jews repeatedly reincarnate as Jews. The concept is so deeply imbedded in their thinking, that it is simply assumed, and they don't talk about it. Considering that Jesus' parents were deeply involved in the mystical sect of the Essenes, it is amazing that Christians don't seem to know this, (unless they call themselves New Agers).The Soul exists simultaneously throughout all of Time. The Ego merely exists Now.

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