Yale Psychiatrist Suggests Middle America May Need To Be 'Leveled' Like Dresden to Stop Trump

This is a special kind of insanity that can only be achieved with a PhD, especially from an Ivy League institution.  This is a very special kind of insanity. The kind that borders on genocidal.

Information Liberation:

 Middle America may need to be "leveled" like Dresden in order to break the Hitler-esque "spell" Trump has on his supporters, Yale psychiatrist Bandy X Lee appeared to suggest in a post on Twitter. 

Lee, who bills herself as an "expert on global violence prevention," wrote Wednesday on Twitter (Archive):
A reporter whose grandparents were refugees from Nazi Germany related to me: "I cannot help but remember a conversation I had with my grandfather ... about the firebombing of Dresden, whether he thought the Allies should be reproached for targeting civilians.

He said—I remember this well—that it was a necessity, because nothing short of the sight of SEEING THEIR CITIES LEVELED would have broken the spell. The German public, he said, was not open to reason. They could not be persuaded to abandon Hitler...."

That comment haunted her, she said.

Needless to say, we are seeing the same phenomenon here, and every day that Donald Trump has exposure to the public, he spellbinds his followers ever more deeply, as mental health experts are precisely the ones banned from comment.

So what then, is immoral? What action against Trump and his supporters should be taken off the table? What is too far? Censorship? Gulags? Bombing?

When these people talk about Trump being a danger to the country, they're talking about you. They mean YOU are the danger. And YOU must be stopped. By any means necessary. 

They are what they decry. And that knowledge frightens them. And they will take it out on you. 

By all means put these people in charge of the country. See how that turns out.


  1. Is the irony lost on the idea that an "expert on global violence prevention" is advocating indiscriminate fire bombing of civilization populations? I guess if the bombs were dropped with the same love and tolerance as those bricks being hurled in Portland and Philadelphia then it's fine right?

    Don't liberal politicians have just as much of a "spell" over their followers? I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

    1. They increase the amount of tolerance by erasing the intolerant. Makes perfect sense!

    2. If only they did "erase the intolerant" they would be gone.

  2. "They are what they decry. And that knowledge frightens them. "
    Unfortunately they do not have that knowledge.
    They do not recognize what they are doing as naziesque.
    They are brainwashed (self- or by others) and ignorant.
    And yes, they are frightened as well.
    But not of "that knowledge" but rather, as FDR(!) put it, "of fear itself."
    They seem to think that by huddling together and letting government TELL them it is protecting them, they wil be safe.

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