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1.5 Billion Facemasks Will Pollute Oceans This Year

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Wow! New York Times “experts” explains why “older” white population shouldn’t get vaccines first…

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Michigan's AG: Son "Devastated" to be Wished "Merry Christmas."

Biden Administration Could Seek to Finish Off Catholic Schools

WaPo: Biden could redefine what it means to be ‘a Catholic in good standing.’

Stacy Abrams Has 1.2 Million Absentee Ballots Already.

Isn't it a little strange that the two major lockdowns came just before Easter and then Christmas?

The Bishops and the Media Are Acting So Different Now, Huh?

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Dear Republicans,

Charge These Republicans with a Crime

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Christians Are Called to Be Counter-Cultural

Mayor DeBlasio, Who Banned Sugary Drinks, Now Offers Year Supply of Donuts to Blood Donors

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My First Latin Mass -A Tragicomic Tale of Misunderstandings and Mistrans...